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One of the most widely abundant items found at the thrift stores I frequently visit are trays – metal, wood and/or plastic – and I may have a slight problem with wanting them all.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Anything can be painted, re-stained or repurposed and you never know when you’ll find that diamond in the rough.

Here’s three different options from trays that I have found while out thrifting and I may or may not have a few more to share later on down the road!

The Kitchen Table Tray


This tray was in pretty good shape, but I wanted it to have a little more shine so I gave it two coats of Divine Color by Valspar in Metallic.


I added a salt and pepper shaker, two cute plants from Trader Joe’s and four candlesticks (which I painted and distressed) to finish it off.



The Coffee Table Tray


Antlers are kind of a ‘thing’ at our house. When we were renting the townhouse, I came home from work one day to find Brett’s collection lining the tops of our kitchen cupboards. Now, I am trying to incorporate them within the decor, but in more subtle ways, like adding a few to this coffee table tray.


This tray is actually cardboard and I found it in the clearance section at Target for $4. It was originally white on the outside with a gray pattern on the inside. I decided to paint it all one cream color and added a pack of decor balls, a candle that smells amazing and a few antlers.

The Coffee Bar Cart Tray

This tray was found at a thrift store and although I liked the design, it was discolored, a little rusty and very scratched. I tried using cleaners to make it look a little better, but had no luck.


I lined the inside portion with painters tape and spray painted the inside with Divine Color by Valspar in Chalk Board I also gave the outside edges a coat of the same Radiant Metals spray paint just to spruce it up a bit.


I have this idea that maybe Brett and I will get create and start writing fun notes back and forth to each other on the chalkboard tray. It has yet to happen… Maybe some day.

If you are incorporating trays into your home decor, please share! I’d love to get some more inspiration for the few others I have laying around the house!

All our best,




  1. Alina

    I love trays, the uglier the better:)) I enjoy that rustic look with some modern decor, my favourite!

  2. Lora

    Trays are one of my favorite items to thrift 🙂

    • Kelly

      Aren’t they wonderful?? There is so many ways to up cycle and craft with them!


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