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So, we’re playing the waiting game. And neither one of us excels at this particular activity.

I thought my patience was pretty low. Then I met my fiancé. I am the type of person that doesn’t like waiting on other people. Brett is the type of person that gets started on a project and would rather get it done right away himself then wait for someone else to do it or to help.

We (hopefully) have a lot of projects coming up the pipeline, but unfortunately they aren’t ready to go yet.

The Sheetrock

The ceilings are all done and the majority of the walls have sheetrock on them. Our next step is to mud and sand. Currently in Minnesota, our weather is hovering on the cusp of Hell and we don’t have air conditioning. Which means it’s too humid to mud and sand.

So, we wait.

The Roof

As I mentioned last week, we found out our roof was shot and needs to be completely replaced. Well, after exploring the legal route, we’ve decided to see what the insurance claims will be and go from there. The insurance person isn’t coming out until August 2 to take a look at the damage.

So, we wait.

The Garage

About three weeks ago we sent in the paperwork to apply for a permit so we can get started on the garage. Our goal was to get it done by the end of summer. We’re in Minnesota and it’s been known to snow in October – we need to be prepared!

We were originally told the garage needed to be 50 feet from the road and 50 feet from the easement. Well, the zoning office called last Friday and we actually need to be 50 feet from the right-of-way off the road. The right-of-way is usually 33 feet from the center of the road… Have I confused you yet? Basically, this means the garage needs to be approximately 83 feet from the road.

We were flirting with the edge before we found out about the right-of-way requirement, so now we have to apply for a variance. The application is due August 17 and then we have to go to a county meeting on September 8 to see if the committee will approve our request. If they do, then we can get started on the garage. If they don’t…. Well let’s just be optimistic.

Until then, we wait.


I think I’ve mentioned this, but we are adding/redoing the HVAC system in the entire house. When we moved in, it was a cluster of electrical heat and furnace and propane and one big hot mess. So, we tore out the old HVAC duct work and are slowly working on putting in all new stuff.

As I mentioned before, the weather has not been exactly pleasant and we don’t have the luxury of air conditioning. No one wants to work when you sweat just standing still, so we’ve been holding out for the weather to cool off.

We’re hoping to get started on that this evening (knock on wood, this is the third time we’ve rescheduled) so keep your fingers crossed!

The Doors

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the new doors we got for the office, guest bathroom and mudroom. Well, continuing with our stroke of good luck, the doors are a bit defective and need to be replaced. We’ve emailed the manufacturer and are waiting for them to get back to us on whether or not they’ll send new doors. We wanted to get those stained, varnished and usable, but (you guessed it) we have to wait.

We’re keeping the fingers and toes crossed that we can get started on some of these soon, but until then, we’ve managed to binge-watch a series on Netflix (Limitless and it was very good!) and start another one – any Sons of Anarchy fans out there?


All our best,


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  1. Trina

    Omg watch sons. It’ll get you through the waiting!



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