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Check out the final reveal of North Country Nest’s rustic home office! Shiplap and greenery make this rustic home office a great space for creativity and productivity! [post contains affiliate links. thank you for supporting north country nest!]

Almost one year later and we have finally wrapped up our home office!

To be fair, Brett handed it off to me, ready for decorating, months ago. But, since I would be spending a majority of my day in the space, I wanted everything to be well thought out, functional and inspiring.

Finding the perfect budget-friendly chair, wall calendar and decor is a lot harder than it looks. Alas, I am happy to report the space is finished and I am absolutely in love.

Since it’s been awhile, I thought we’d take a quick walk down memory lane before we dive into the full reveal.

Here’s where we started:

renovating a home office

After demo-ing the little nook that housed a closet and guest bathroom, it looked like this:

ripping out drywall in a home

Then it was time to put up the office walls, panty walls and soon-to-be shower walls:

drywall in office

Add some paint and shiplap:

rustic sign in home office

And finally, the finished product:

rustic home office with sliding barn doors

Not too bad of a transformation, right?

So, let’s dive into all the details.

The blue paint was a little experiment – Brett so lovingly tells me that I have an obsession with gray and he asked if we could try something else out. After scouring the paint aisles, we decided on a bold blue. We had compromised on adding white shiplap and thought the contrast of the bright blue would look great. There aren’t any windows in this room to bring in natural light, so having a lighter color was a must.

rustic home office with lateral filing cabinet and faux plant

For the flooring, we went with the tried-and-true plywood flooring. After installing it in the guest bedroom, we knew it was going to be a great option for the other rooms until we could decide on permanent flooring. But, who knows, we may keep it indefinitely.

For file storage, I scored a great deal during Black Friday on a lateral filing cabinet. It fit great under the homemade North Country Nest sign (thanks mom and dad!) but still needed a little something to finish off the corner. I ended up finding a faux plant on sale on Wayfair that brought in some much-needed greenery. And then, my wonderful brother-in-law made all of us siblings a dry erase board that was the perfect size for the perpendicular half wall.

Moving over to the closet, I bought out the gray basket selection at our local home improvement store and added some DIY label tags – it’s so nice to know where everything goes. Who knew?!

rustic home office closet storage

For the main wall, I ended up swapping out the original clock for the one we had in the laundry room. I liked that the black framing went well with the filing cabinet.

I knew I wanted a wall calendar but had a hard time finding something that really stuck with me. And then I found this GIANT one on Paper Source. It’s huge and amazing and the days of the week are perfect size for post-its.

giant wall calendar in rustic home office

To balance the calendar on the right of the clock, I started looking for some artwork. Thanks to the wonders of Etsy, I was able to download print-ready files and get everything printed and hung within the same day.

rustic home office wall art

Swinging around to the desk…

Before we even started building the office, I knew I wanted to do wall-to-wall floating shelves. I just love the statement they make. To tie it all together, Brett built a floating desk and stained all three the same color.

Originally, we had the printer on the lateral filing cabinet, but having to move it back and forth whenever something needed to be printed quickly became a pain. So, I built a sliding printer cart that fits perfectly under the floating desk. The cord is long enough to plug into the desktop when needed and if we’re working on a laptop, we have enough desk space to simultaneously work on.

rustic home office with DIY printer cart

For the other notebooks and workbooks, I bought a three-slot desk file organizer that is industrial perfection.

To help cut down on the post-it clutter, I put together a DIY cork board made from wine corks and cork sheets.

floating desk in rustic home office

The last pieces, the rug and the chair, really tie everything together.

Finding the perfect office chair was about an eight-month process. I am sure I overthought everything, like usual, but I am so happy I waited. And the hints of blue in the vintage-style rug are the perfect shade to make the walls pop.

rustic home office

There you have it, friends.

A small but mighty rustic home office!

All our best.

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    It looks great! Love that chair.

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    love everything you guys do


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