The Exterior

We removed the ramps on both entrances, turned the north side door into a window and changed out the front door.

rustic and traditional fall porch decor

The Entryway

We renovated this room during the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge. The most notable changes include adding a barn wood wall, brick flooring and built-ins.

The Living Room

Removing the main wall dividing the house was the first project we tackled when we moved in. Since then, we’ve been working on the other spaces in the house and haven’t done too much in the main living area.

The Guest Bathroom

We moved the doorway, made the room a little smaller and completed gutted the entire space. To see the final reveal, click here.

The Laundry Room

When we first moved in, the laundry room was in the corner of the basement. After demo-ing a majority of the house, we rearranged the layout and added a space for the laundry room where the rental bedroom used to be. The laundry closet is where the rental bathroom shower was. To see the final reveal, click here.

The Kitchen

Painting the kitchen cabinets was high on the to-do list and we got that out of the way within the first month of moving in. We moved the standing pantry to the back wall and then eventually downstairs. We also added a coffee cart station and command center. Most recently, we changed the color of the island to a gray/green color from the teal blue it was before.

neutral fall home decor tour

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