The Home Tour: Six Months

We’re heading into month six of this crazy home renovation journey. SIX MONTHS.

And what better way to welcome the half-year mark then to show off the progress?

The Outside


The Back of the House
the before

What has been done? Removed the small fire pit. Cut down two trees that had the purple pea pod-looking things. Removed the ramp going to the front door and back door. Secured the post on the porch so it was actually secured to the house. Moved the daylilies randomly planted everywhere to the backyard. Put up a fence for the dogs. Took down the metal antenna that we thought looked like something from outer space. Added a bar to the patio. Put up edging, plants and rocks along the front of the porch.



The Inside


The kitchen, looking in from the living room
the before


The mudroom. Mother-in-law apartment to the left, the 'regular' house to the right.
the before


The mother-in-law apartment, looking towards the mudroom entryway.
the before


the before
the before

What has been done? Scraped the ceilings to remove the popcorn. Tore down the main wall dividing the mother-in-law apartment from the main house. Removed the second entrance. Moved the guest bedroom. Added a closet to the office. Added a mudroom. Moved the door to the guest bathroom. Painted the kitchen cabinets. Removed the electric heat and will install all new HVAC system throughout the house.


kitchen to living room




It has been a complete whirlwind so far and we’re not settling down any time soon!

Here’s the next six!

All our best,


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4 thoughts on “The Home Tour: Six Months

  1. What a transformation already! I know it never seems like much gets done while you renovate a home. But looking at before and after pictures really makes you realize how much have accomplished. I can’t wait to see what else you guys are doing to your home!!

    1. Thank you! As I am sure you know, renovating a home can sometimes seem like it goes at a snails pace. Being able to see the before and after pictures definitely helps!

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