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The first project we’re eyeing to complete this year is the guest bathroom.

Looking back to last February when we moved in, the bathroom was HUGE.

original bathroom

There was so much empty and unused space, plus the shower was just disgusting and needed to be thrown.

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Here’s what we’ve done

1. We removed the pocket door.

2. We reconfigured the bathroom layout to accommodate the mudroom, mudroom closet and new bathroom entrance.

3. We chose tiling for the floor… whenever we get to that point

removing the linoleum floor

4. The linoleum flooring and allllll the glue that was holding it down needed to be ripped up. Using a heat gun saved so much time and really helped speed up the process.

5. The tub needed to be purchased and then framed in. Prior to doing that, we needed to decide what kind of tile we were going to use in the shower because this affected how the wall was put up.

6. After putting up the wall for the tub/shower, we put in the new plumbing for the vanity, tub/shower and toilet.

bathroom home renovation

7. We picked out the light fixtures and installed the overhead fan and recessed light.

guest bathroom construction

8. We set the tub.

bathroom construction

9. And mudded, sanded and painted the walls with primer.

bathroom construction


Here’s what’s left

  • tile the floor
  • sheet rock and tile the shower
  • build and install the vanity and sink
  • install the toilet
  • install the door
  • install the vanity light fixtures
  • paint the walls
  • install the plank wall behind the toilet


Here’s the inspiration

With the entryway makeover, we kind of flew by the seat of our pants in terms of decorating and got lucky. Also, there isn’t too much to coordinate in an entryway, so it wasn’t that challenging to piece everything together.

I know we need to plan a little more with the bathroom, so I started creating an inspiration board to gather all my thoughts around decorating and choosing colors and fixtures and wall decorations. Since we already have the tile, I am trying to coordinate everything from that.

industrial farmhouse bathroom


Shop this Style

bathroom dispensers

bathroom canisters

shower curtain

galvanized tray

vanity lights


room paint: dutchboy antiqued lace

vanity paint: dutchboy whistler

plank wall: magenta and lime

shelving: house of hawthorne


All our best,


  1. Sabrina

    You guys have done an amazing job so far! Seems like you are pros now in taking down and putting up walls! Can’t wait to see the final bathroom!

    • Kelly

      Oh thank you, Sabrina! We’ve definitrly had our share of tearing down and putting up walls! ? The life of home renovation, right??

  2. peggy

    where did you buy your bathroom vanity? love the look!


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