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Welcome to another epidsode of the Room by Room series hosted by My Life From Home. Today, we’re sharing the master bedroom summer home tour. 

master bedroom summer home tour

Wanna know a secret?

We’ve never really shared our master bedroom on the blog.

master bedroom summer home tour

Wanna know another secret?

It’s my least favorite room in the house.

master bedroom summer home tour

Not only because it’s nearly-virgin territory, but because the layout makes absolutely no sense to me, or Brett.

For starters, there isn’t any overhead light and I usually use my phone flashlight in the morning to see inside my closet.

master bedroom summer home tour

Then why haven’t you renovated it yet, you ask?

Well, besides the fact that we’ve been a little busy with the entryway, mudroom, laundry room and garage… 😉 we really don’t know what we want.

master bedroom summer home tour

When you first move into a “fixer-upper”, it’s worth living in for awhile before you make any major decisions. Because what you like when you move in is most likely not the same as what you’ll like after understanding your house a bit more.

master bedroom summer home tour

Throughout the past year and a half, we’ve thrown around numerous ideas on how to lay out the room, but nothing has seemed to stick.

master bedroom summer home tour

I know we definitely don’t have the time to tackle this room right now, but it would be nice to at least have a plan.

Helllooooo Type-A. 🙂

master bedroom summer home tour

So, until we can nail down that plan, I play around with the decor and switch things up.

master bedroom summer home tour

And dream up a plan that we can maybe, someday, stick with. 🙂

master bedroom summer home tour


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  1. Vicki and Jennifer 2 Bees in a Pod

    Hey Kelly and Brett – we think your master bedroom looks great! Your personal decor touches make the space so warm and inviting. Don’t even get us started on that door tucked in behind the chair – we are obsessed with doors as decor! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • North Country Nest

      Thank you, ladies!! 🙂 So glad you’re on board with door decor!

  2. Carol ("Mimi")

    Your bedroom furniture and accessories look really nice! I agree with you that it’s wise to live in a house for awhile before making major renovation decisions. And — Rome wasn’t built in a day — you have to go room-by-room in a renovation project; it doesn’t all happen at once. In the meantime, your bedroom looks quite charming!
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  3. Amy @ mylifefromhome

    It’s a sweet little space! I know what you mean by living with a space for awhile. I’m really glad we did. I think if we would have done ours right away, it wouldn’t be what we really needed. It’ll get there. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  4. Emily

    I think you’ve done a wonderful job working with the space you have! Your bedroom feels bright and cozy. I feel the same way about living with a space for a while before making big changes… I have different visions for our home now than when we moved in 5 years ago. It definitely pays to wait!


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