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Jumping on the bandwagon that Lora started on day five with her lovely bath bombs, today I am sharing a DIY Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub.

This sugar scrub is so easy to make – even easier than the amberwood vanilla candle – and is sure to delight the receiver. Or heck, make some for yourself, grab a book, a glass of wine and relax in the tub while giving your skin some TLC. 🙂

lavender vanilla sugar scrub
The Supplies

  • White sugar
  • Lavender oil [make sure you get oil that is safe for skin contact. the oil that I used specifically said it was not made for soaps or scrubs]
  • Vanilla oil [make sure you get oil that is safe for skin contact. the oil that I used specifically said it was not made for soaps or scrubs]
  • Coconut Oil
  • Fabric [optional]
  • Christmas and product tags [PDF provided below]
  • Twine [optional]

The Process

Step one. Pour one cup of sugar in a large bowl

Step two.
If your coconut oil is hard, melt 1/2 cup in the microwave and mix with sugar

Step three. Add five drops of lavender oil and five drops of vanilla oil to the sugar mixture and mix well

Step four.
Pour sugar scrub into mason jar

Step five [optional]. Secure the fabric cover on the lid with twine and add a Merry Christmas name tag and Sugar Scrub product tag.

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  1. Sarah

    I’m loving your mason jar gift ideas! Lavender and Vanilla oils sounds like it would make such a nice aroma!

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Sarah!

  2. Abbie Katrina

    This is very crafty and cute!

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Abbie!



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