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I realized that we never officially showed off the fireplace or shared all the details. So, today you’re getting a two-for-one. All the information on the fireplace PLUS how we’re decorating it for spring. Because, I heard it just around the corner?

Rustic fireplace mantle decorated for spring

Adding in a fireplace was on our list of to-dos since day one. However, we knew we needed to do a little prep work prior to installation. Once we had our layout solidified in 2018 after adding in the stairs, the fireplace became the goal. Also, we were spending way too much per year on propane (in 2018-2019, we filled our 500 gallon tank three times) and knew the fireplace would help us save big in the long run.

Rustic Fireplace Decorated for Spring

For the actual fireplace, Brett spent many-a-night researching what to buy. We also stopped at quite a few places in-person and after talking in-depth with one store’s owner (shoutout to Fireplace Gallery), we decided on Fireplace Xtrodinair and their 36 Elite wood fireplace.

Fireplace Xtrodinaire Elite 36 Fireplace

It was about a five week wait from the time we placed the order to when it actually arrived. For the actual installation, it was another couple of weeks. Thankfully, my dad and brother had experience installing their own fireplace so we relied on them pretty heavily to help with ours.

Spring Fireplace Decor

For the stone, we went to the same company we used for the exterior – Brock White in Elk River. We went back and forth on what type to buy but ultimately decided that we’d rather go the easier route and purchased stacked stone versus individual stone pieces. We went with Eldorado Stone in Nantucket.

Fireplace decorated for spring

We both really love how it turned out. Something on our ‘some-day’ list is to add in grout between the noticeable spaces. There aren’t too many but I think it’ll add to the character and make it look a little more like real stone.

Eldorado Nantucket Fireplace Stone

Moving on to the mantle – we both agreed right away (weird, I know) that we wanted a barn wood mantle. We thought it would be a great way to tie into the barn wood wall and if you couldn’t already tell, we’re kind of into the whole rustic thing 🙂

Spring Fireplace Decor

Thankfully, finding a solid chunk of wood wasn’t too hard – our neighbor had some pieces left over from a barn he tore down a few years ago and we were able to take it off his hands for relatively cheap. Getting it secured to the frame was a challenge but eventually we figured it out and haven’t had any problems since!

How to Decorate a Fireplace for Spring

Last but not least (and most importantly?), the TV. We had to downsize a little because of spacing issues but I think it’s the perfect size for the space. We went with a 44 inch and Brett did some work with wiring so nothing has to show!

Mounting a TV onto Stone Fireplace

This was our first season with a working fireplace and my friends, I am happy to report we’ve only had to fill our propane tank once. Now, for all our Minnesota readers, I know this season hasn’t been too cold, but we’re still celebrating.

Spring Fireplace Decor

And, the dogs now have a new favorite spot to lay, so it’s a win-win for everyone 🙂

Spring Fireplace Decor

All our best,

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