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Quickly and easily add spring charm to your home with these spring throw blanket and pillow combinations!

Spring is right around the corner which means only one thing: spring decor! I love seeing all the colors and patterns that make their way into home decor items for this season. It’s such a refreshing after living around dark, moody colors for the winter.

Changing out pillows and blankets is one of my favorite ways to freshen up the decor for each season – plus, in about five minutes you can change the entire look of your space!

If you’re needing a little spring decor inspiration, I’ve rounded up some great throw blanket and pillow ideas that can easily spruce up your space without breaking the bank. I’ve grouped them by color – with the links below each image. Happy shopping! 🙂

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Pink/Terracotta Spring Throw Blankets + Pillows

Pink and Terracotta Spring Throw Blankets and Pillows | North Country Nest

The Blankets: 

01. Terracotta Throw // Overstock
02. Blush Diamond Stitch Throw // Kirkland’s
03. Tweed Knitted Throw // Wayfair
04. Triangular Lines in Terracotta // Society 6
05. Blush Throw // Overstock

The Pillows:

01. Pink Knot Throw // Overstock
02. Red Woven Stripe Tassel Pillow // Kirkland’s
03. Jamie Hand Woven Accent Pillow // Kirkland’s
04. Coral Coastal Diamond Print Pillow // Kirkland’s
05. Kyla Embroidered Pillow // Williams-Sonoma
06. Leandra Reversible Striped Pillow // Williams-Sonoma
07. Floral Pillow Cover // Etsy
08. Terracotta Decorative Pillow Cover // Etsy


Mustard/Yellow Spring Throw Blankets + Pillows

Mustard Yellow Spring Throw Pillows and Bankets | North Country Nest

The Blankets:

01. Mustard Tassel Throw // Overstock
02. Tribal Tassel Throw // Overstock
03. Mustard Throw // Overstock
04. Wesham Mustard Cotton Throw // Wayfair
05. Herren Soft Warm Woven Blanket // Wayfair
06. Rivoli Knit Throw // Wayfair
07. Jansen All-Natural Cotton Blanket // Wayfair

The Pillows: 

01. Mustard Gray Patterned Pillow // Overstock
02. Plaid Mustard Pillow // Overstock
03. Striped Throw Cover // Etsy
04. Textured Pillow Cover // Etsy
05. Mustard Yellow Decorative Pillow // Etsy
06. Mustard Pillow Cover // Etsy


Blue Spring Throw Blankets + Pillows

Blue Spring Throw Pillows and Bankets | North Country Nest

The Blankets: 

01. Navy Throw // Overstock
02. Chambray Woven Blanket // Kirkland’s
03. Clover Striped Throw // Williams-Sonoma
04. Thermal Knit Sherpa // Williams-Sonoma
05. Navy and White Hygge Geometric Throw // Kirkland’s

The Pillows:

01. Blue Stripe Fringe Lumbar Pillow // Kirkland’s
02. Floral Indigo Throw Pillow // Etsy
03. Spring Plaid Pillow // Etsy
04. Gray and Ivory Janice Braided XL // Kirkland’s
05. Seafoam Suna Diamond Tassel // Kirkland’s 
06. Blue Patchwork Pom Tari // Kirkland’s
07. Natural and Blue Bradford Tiered Tassels // Kirkland’s
08. Navy Blue Lumbar // Overstock


Neutral Spring Throw Blankets + Pillows

Neutral Spring Throw Pillows and Bankets | North Country Nest

The Blankets: 

01. All-Season Ivory Throw // Overstock
02. Taupe Barren Hand Woven Throw // Kirkland’s
03. Stunning Seafoam Throw // Kirkland’s
04. Natural Taupe Throw // Overstock
05. Cream Throw // Overstock
06. Natural Stripes with White Tassels Throw // Kirkland’s

The Pillows:

01. Gray Patterned Pillow // Overstock
02. Flower Patterned Pillow // Overstock
03. Taupe Weave Pillow // Overstock
04. Natural Whipstitch Gingham Pillow // Kirkland’s
05. Hawthorn Stripe Sherpa Back Pillow Cover // Williams-Sonoma
06. Striped Cream Woven Pillow Cover // Etsy
07. Sunbrella Langston Striped Pillow // Williams-Sonoma
08. Thermal Knit Sherpa Back Pillow Cover // Williams-Sonoma

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