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Enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and family using these simple summer table decor ideas that are sure to inspire! [post contains affiliate links, which means we make a small commission, at NO additional cost to you, if a purchase is made. thanks for supporting north country nest!]

I had every intention of showing off our new deck with a few simple summer table decor ideas. And then the day after we finished putting the deck together, the weather decided to shift and it’s been raining about every other day ever since.

farmhouse table overlooking lake

With plan A on hold, it was time to start coming up with plan B. Because it’s summer, I knew I wanted to work with our outdoor farmhouse patio table. I enlisted the help of my mom and we moved it over to the hammock area – which has even better views of the lake so it’s a win-win.

pink peonies on wooden farmhouse table with white dishes

For the decor, I wanted something as simple and natural as possible. Since we went for an outdoor setting and the table overlooks the lake, I didn’t want the decor to stand out too much.

peony centerpiece on farmhouse table

It all started with the peonies. They were in perfect bloom at my parent’s house and they were kind enough to let me steal some for the table. I’ve mentioned this before but my mom is an avid gardener and has several pink peony varieties that are ah-mazing.

galvanized watering can filled with peonies

After doing a walk around their property, I had a basket full of gorgeous flowers. To add some greenery to the mix, I cut stems off a lilac bush we have in our yard – they were the perfect addition!

mason jar centerpiece and peonies

To bring in even more natural elements, I filled mason jars with water, wrapped twine around the top and put in a few slices of lemon, a sprig of rosemary and a floating candle.

mason jar and peony centerpiece

I had every intention of lighting said floating candle but the weather was not cooperating (shocking, I know) and throughout this shoot experienced intermittent bouts of rain and wind gusts that about blew me over.

outdoor tablescape for the summer

To play up the peonies, I kept the dishes a simple white with a linen napkin that has some abstract blue pattern – I scored them on clearance at Target!

summer table decor with peonies

I’ve found that the way I decorate our home tends to reflect what I’m craving in our life. And sometimes, it takes putting together a simple summer table to remind me that it won’t be summer forever and it may be time to slow down.

I know it’s nearly the end of June and we have an endless amount of projects on our to-do list and deadlines we want to hit. However, I am officially challenging myself (and you, too, if you need it!) to embrace the simple summer.

simple summer table decor

To say yes to the simple act of enjoying the outdoors. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t complain about how cold, hot, humid, rainy, dry, [insert adjective here] the weather was and just enjoyed it.

peonies and mason jar centerpiece

To say yes to dinner with family and friends, regardless of the state of our home. We have been putting off our pretty-regular friend dinner because we want the deck to be finished. Yes, it will be nice to enjoy entertaining out there, but why wait?

simple summer table decor

To say yes to a night off of projects because we want to sit on the porch, watch the dogs play and just enjoy it. I cannot remember the last time we BOTH took a night off. It is so easy to work and work and work, but before we know it, August will be here and we’ll be wondering where the summer went.

To say yes to getaways or road trips, even if they’re last minute. We’ve thrown around the idea of taking the pups on a long weekend camping trip. Here’s to positive thinking and getting away!

simple summer table decor

To say yes to taking the boat out. I still can’t believe that we didn’t get on ANY lake at all last summer. The fact that it’s almost the end of June and I still haven’t been out has me in a slight panic but I know the same fate isn’t going to happen – even if it means taking it out myself… 😛

simple summer table looking over lake

To say yes to slowing down and really enjoying this simple thing we call life.

All our best,


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  1. Meg Green With Decor

    Thanks for hosting this hop!! Your table looks GORGEOUS, I just love all of the mason jars. And good reminders to say ‘yes’ before summer slips away!

  2. Kimberly

    Love your simple outdoor table setting! The backdrop is gorgeous and the peonies are beautiful! I agree, we definitely need to take some time to slow down and enjoy life. The projects we have will still be there but the time with friends and family isn’t a guarantee. Thanks for hosting and have a great week! 🙂

  3. Cindy@countyroad407

    Simple and beautiful with an fantastic view! I could hang there all day if I had some bug spray!

  4. Dru Beecher

    Wow, wow, wow! The mixture of wood, simplicity, and fresh whites blow me away. So very gorgeous.

  5. Shirley Wood

    Your simple summer table is beautiful with those gorgeous flowers by the lake. What a fun place to dine with wonderful ambiance. It creates an event. Thank you for hosting this event for us! Loving all the summer tablescape ideas!

  6. Sue Purdy

    Your outdoor table setting is absolutely dreamy. I would love to eat by the waterfront at your gorgeous table. I love the pops of pink also. Well done and thank you again for hosting this wonderful hop. Cheers.

  7. Amber Ferguson

    This is such a beautiful post! I am featuring you today at TFT. I hope you will join us again this week. Have a great weekend and holiday ahead!


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