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Add charm to your kitchen with these simple summer decor ideas! Lots of white space, minimal decor and fresh flowers on every surface! 

green kitchen island and white cabinets

As I mentioned in our guest bedroom tour last week, simplicity is the name of the game this summer. As I paired down the décor in the kitchen, I found myself thinking back to where this space started only a few short years ago.

I’d be hard pressed to find another room in the house that’s been through more mini-makeovers than the kitchen. If I ever need a room to gauge the season of life we’re in, I know I can look towards this space and see where we’re at.

glass vase with fresh mint and fresh lavender

Only a few short weeks after we moved in, the kitchen cabinets got a makeover. We were fresh, excited and ready to take on the world…or so it seemed.

I painted the cabinets a light creamy beige color with a pop of blue for the island and put an antique glaze over everything. It was a big project but I was ready to take it on because this was our new kitchen and I wanted it to be perfect.

kitchen sink with mason jar of fresh flowers

After the cabinet makeover, we cleared out the standing cabinet, got a new dishwasher and finally refinished the other two dining table leaves.

We finally had the house in some-what presentable form and were starting to invite family and friends over for dinner. More entertaining and more decor to show off all the hard work we were doing.

wood kitchen table with black chairs

Several months later and after a string of projects, I decided it was time to purge and the tall “pantry” cabinet was moved downstairs. I was craving space among the chaos of the projects and tools strewn about.

coffee bar with fresh flowers

As renovators, we’re completely on board with changing a space to fit your design choice and lifestyle. But, there does come a time when the change may not be worth the effort.

I went back-and-forth on the cabinets for several months. Debating whether or not to repaint them because, time. And effort. And time. Spoiler alert, I repainted everything and I am so, so happy I made the choice.

rustic decor for kitchen and dining room

We can’t predict how long a project is going to take and putting something on hold just because it “might” need to be updated or changed or redone in a year isn’t a good enough excuse, in my opinion.

This space is our most-used room; the place where everyone gathers and spends their time. Why not make it something we love and enjoy? Brett wasn’t a fan of the cabinet color and it wasn’t doing anything for me either – so, that made it worth the effort and the time commitment. Not everything works out that way, but sometimes you get lucky and it does.

white kitchen cabinets with green painted island

So, where are we now after all these mini-makeovers? As I mentioned before, this summer is all about the simple and our kitchen is full-on riding that train. From the centerpiece on the dining table to the cut flowers on the counter, we’re all about minimal décor. Something that’s simple, yet fresh.

I don’t know how long it’ll last and I don’t know what it will look like when it changes. What I can tell you is that it’s sure to adjust with the season and I can’t wait to see where we’re headed next.

All our best,

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  1. Amy @ mylifefromhome

    It’s beautiful! I love the different colored cabinets. It’s fresh and airy, perfect for summer cooking!

  2. Jenny

    I love fresh cut flowers in the summer. The kitchen is beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!


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