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It’s a new year, so inevitably I got the itch to rearrange furniture.

Since we’re prepping for the demo of the middle area, furniture is already being swapped out and moved around in the living room – if you follow along on Instagram, you know I am missing the hutch, so we moved the bottom portion into the kitchen as the new coffee and wine station.

At 5:00 am yesterday morning, this impulse to switch things up landed me in our newly renovated guest bedroom and as I was struggling and sweating, trying not to scratch up the floors or knock out one of the dogs with a chair leg, I realized that although it’s not the easiest work, rearranging furniture is probably the most inexpensive way to bring new life to a space.

rustic winter guest bedroom with plant shelf and farmhouse bed frame

Even a space that was literally just redone four months ago. How easily we get bored, amiright?!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the minor changes, along with the simple rustic winter guest bedroom decor.

Let’s start with the glaringly obvious… a few plants (three to be exact) lost the hard battle of staying alive with a black thumbed owner. 😉 It looked way too bare spacing out the seven remaining plants so even the plant shelf got some rearranging.

green bench with tassel blanket

For the furniture, you may have noticed the bench has a new home at the foot of the bed. When we originally were placing furniture, this was its first home. I thought it looked too bare on the corner, so I ended up moving it against the wall, next to the chair. This is where it lived until yesterday morning.

Side note: this chest is FULL of craft paint and is a pain in the ass to move. If you’re in need of a good laugh, imagine a woman in no-heeled slippers and fuzzy socks (aka no traction) attempting to slide/move the bench to the end of the bed at 5:00 am. Then, change her mind and completely slide/move it out of the room, narrowly avoiding a dog’s paw and her own toe, just to turn around five minutes later and attempt to bring it back into the room at the foot of the bed. A lot of sliding around, slipping and cursing was happening and the sun hadn’t even come up yet. 

cozy winter seating area in a guest bedroom

In another exciting plot twist and after getting the bench completely out of the room, I also decided it might be worth switching out the chair for the fainting couch. You saw a picture of it in our 2018 renovation plans; it’s Gunner’s favorite spot to relax when we’re watching Netflix.

It’s not big by any means, nor is it heavy. It is however bulky and I soon found out one of the legs untwists, which lead to another close call of narrowly missing my ankle bone. I didn’t like the couch in the corner all by itself, so back in went the bench. It ended up being too crowded, so out went the couch and in came the chair, which is what you see now.

cozy winter reading nook with blankets and pillows

It was almost 6:00 am at this point. Gunner gave up following me around and sought a safe haven in the living room. With all the close calls, I couldn’t blame him. I was about ready to have this surprise workout over as well, so I quickly grabbed the stool that was next to the fainting couch to use as a side table, swapped out the Christmas blankets and pillows in the basket for something cozy and neutral and called it good.

floating shelving in guest bedroom with winter decor

For the floating shelves, I removed all the Christmas-related things and then wanted even less clutter so I removed a few more knick knacks.

flannel winter throw pillows with buffalo check pattern

The bedding was pared down as well… more specifically, I removed quite a few throw pillows, keeping a few flannel ones because it’s all about the cozy, right? Since we happen to keep our house at a colder-than-average-house temperature, I made sure to provide a few extra blankets around the room in case guests get cold.

A simple wreath is the perfect way to bring some winter decor elements into a room. The one that adorns the window hanger is actually from the entryway; I just removed the bells and burlap bow.

galvanized bucket with evergreen branches and birch trees

To finish it off, I loaded up an old galvanized bucket with birch tree slices and a faux evergreen branch. Hello winter!

black lab dog on a bed

I’m happy to report that Gunner eventually wandered back into the room once he realized all the rearranging and freshening up was complete.

Happy winter decorating, friends!

All our best,

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guest bedroom with winter decor

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Farmhouse bed frame: Birch Lane
Gray flannel pillow: Amazon
Buffalo check flannel pillow: I made ours, this is a similar style
Black picture frames: Target
Black cage light cover: Amazon
Striped bed spread: Amazon
Area rug: Amazon
Botanical art print: Craftivity Designs’ Etsy shop
Industrial bedside lamps: Target
Wire basket: Target
Galvanized mirror: Hobby Lobby


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