Rustic Winter Entryway Decor for the Minimalist

I’ve been on a minimalist kick lately, which probably has to do with the endless headlines screaming, “purge, clean, organize!” every time I scroll through my Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook feed.

fainting couch with ladder side table

To be clear, when I say ‘minimalist,’ I mean only going to Target once every week and a half instead of every other day and actually buying just what’s on our list instead of half the store. But, if I am being honest, I am kind of liking this newfound motivation to scale back and it’s slowly making it’s way into our home decor.

winter boots in front of entryway table

I mentioned a little trick when showing off the winter decor and furniture rearranging in the guest bedroom earlier this week; when decorating the shelves, I removed half the items…and then another half and called it good.

eucalyptus vase with old window on table

There’s just something really comforting in removing the clutter. In a way, it cozies up the room even more.

After perfecting this new found method, I just had to share:: it’s the halve-it, halve-it tactic and it works like a charm when you’re in the mood to scale back.

entryway bench with buffalo check rustic pillows

If you’re a reader of longer than a season, you know we like to adorn our entryway with all sorts of knick knacks and trinkets and pillows and blankets because, why not?

Until this season when I halved and halved and halved again, leaving behind statement pieces with natural touches and no barely any trinkets.

entryway table with vases and eucalyptus

And you know what? I love it.

With the second bench nearly complete (!), I feel like it cozies up the entire room and scaling back on the small items seemed like a good fit.

entryway bench with rustic flannel pillows

So, my friends. I challenge you to try this out in your own home if you’re feeling the need to refresh. I promise it’s not too painful and dare I say, even a little fun?

entryway built in shelves with black lantern

The method that works for me is to put everything I want out and clutter up the entire space. Then take away half of the items. Rearrange a bit, step back, admire and then take away another half.

rustic entryway table with minimal decor

It’s a foolproof way to jump on board with the minimal decor trend AND your husband may or may not be a little happier when there isn’t so much stuff laying around. 😉 Not speaking from experience, of course.

Happy halving, friends!

All all our best,


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rustic entryway with winter boots and wood plank wall


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