One Room Challenge Week Seven: Rustic Industrial Guest Bedroom Final Reveal

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

Seven weeks later and we’re finally able to show off alllllllllll the progress on the guest bedroom.

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

But first, a recap.

We started off this One Room Challenge by showing you our bedroom plans; we wanted some industrial and rustic touches with a heavy emphasis on being budget friendly since this winter is all about saving up for the garage.

how to install plywood flooring

Our first project was tackling the floor and we went a little non-traditional by installing plywood. Much to our surprise, they turned out better than expected and were an extremely budget friendly option for us.

rustic farmhouse guest bedroom

Week three walked you through our bed, bedding and rug choices for the room.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

Week four was all about the shelves. The plant shelf above the bed is a real focal point and the floating shelves are a chunky statement piece.

A surprise in the form of a one-week extension was handed out by Linda, the One Room Challenge creator, which turned out to be a nice blessing. Although, we did scrambled a bit in terms of finding something to share for the additional week. We ended up showing off a $10 bench makeover.

craft closet organization

Finally, last week we shared some craft closet organization tips and the shelving system we decided on for the closet.

It’s been one hell of a ride and we’ve definitely learned a few more things about renovating, but I think I can speak for both of us when I say we’re happy with how this one turned out.

In case you need a refresher, here’s where we started:

And here’s the [nearly] finished room:

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

Total side note: Are you sensing a trend in our room reveals, yet? We always seem to sneak in the ‘nearly’ because are you ever really done with a room? The answer is no. For this one, we still need to install the main door and doorway trim. It is the same exact door as the guest bathroom but we may have procrastinated on ordering it so the room isn’t 100%…yet 🙂

Here’s another view:

And the after:

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

A little different, huh?! 😀

Now for the tour!

If you were here in person, I would hand you a glass of wine and Brett and I would proceed to talk about everything in the room and the great deals we found on all the items and show you how to DIY a few things yourself.

So, grab yourself a glass of wine and let’s show you around!

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

The old window was a great wedding gift from a friend that we added some hooks to as well as some information that you might need if you’re staying over [wi-fi password, our address, TV channels, etc.]. Check out the full DIY tutorial here.

The night stand was repurposed from one of the many great thrift store finds we’ve stumbled across over the past few years. The lamps were gifts off our wedding registry and those two frames above the night stand are filled with these great botanical printables by my friend Lora – she blogs over at Craftivity Designs and you should probably check out her blog if you want some great inspiration.

Shop the room

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

Let’s talk about the bed. We found it at Birch Lane last spring for a great price and you know we were going back-and-forth about painting it black. We decided against it because…no motivation. The duvet cover was found on Amazon and those sheets are from our favorite store, aka Target. And you can really never have too many pillows, amiright?!

Those curtains? They’re DIY’ed from drop cloth curtains and cost approximately $20. What a steal, huh?

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

This table was also a DIY project (duh) and in case you missed it on our Instagram, those books on the bottom shelf are hiding the internet router.

Since we haven’t talked about the rug yet, let us remind you that measuring is a must and Amazon has some pretty great prices on large rugs.

Shop the room

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

Before we talk about the $10 chair I picked up at the garage sale, can we show you the artwork? Those three stacked pictures were taken on a Seattle vacation a few years ago and that giant piece was made in Photoshop and sent to Walgreens as a poster.

The lamp was made over from this DIY we did several years ago and thanks to Brett’s handy electrical skills, we swapped out the lamp shade for that industrial cover. So cool, right?

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

Back to the chair – you heard me right; only ten bucks at a garage sale for this one and its mate.

Speaking of ten dollars, that’s also the price of that green bench we made over back in week five.

Shop the room

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

To make our guests feel even more welcome, we laid out some necessities on this amazing stand from Magnolia Market. And of course a few Magnolia Magazine issues and some more greenery.

rustic industrial guest bedroom decor

Above the cozy seating nook are these chunky floating shelves adorned with all sorts of knick knacks. More plants and faux greenery, of course and rustic goodies like an old lantern picked up at a garage sale and a mason jar candle because the room needs to smell nice 🙂

rustic industrial guest bedroom

Last up in this room tour is the closet. And since you’re probably needing a refill on that wine, we’ll make it quick 😉

We bought out the stock of fabric bins at Kohl’s (kidding, sort of) and filled them to the brim with fabric and camera supplies and glue and markers and stickers and all things craft-related. The trim around the door matches the window and will [eventually] match the interior door’s trim.

We painted the doors the same color as the baseboards and in case you missed our Instagram stories last week [first time going live, ever!] we had a little hiccup and needed to shave off some of the drywall to fit the doors.

Long story long, we had a huge mess this past weekend but thanks to Brett working his butt off, it’s all done and looking as fabulous as ever.

rustic industrial guest bedroom

And that’s a wrap, folks.

All our best,

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52 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week Seven: Rustic Industrial Guest Bedroom Final Reveal

  1. I just knew this room was going to be amazing, but you took it waaaay beyond that! It’s comfort and style combined into one great makeover! Congrats, girl!! You did it!!!! XO ~~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Great finished product, guys! The room feels so airy and comfortable, and you’re totally right that a room is never truly finished. I’m totally stealing your idea of using a window pane to display useful information for guests! Brilliant. Congrats on a successful ORC!

  3. This is amazing!!! It looks so cozy and inviting and every detail is just perfect. I love the rug especially! And those floors. I’ve got to read up on that project – I really want to do that some day. I’m adding it to my ever growing list of projects! Beautiful room!!

  4. Hi Kelly, just hopped over from the Home Matters party. I love to see what others are doing to transform a room and DIYs. My son recently moved out and I will be transforming his room into a guest room/storage room for my business. Thanks for showing me around, love the idea of wine, but dude it’s 8:25 in the morning, so I took the tour while eating breakfast.

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