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Hi friends,

This is Sabrina from Meet our Life again. I don’t know about you but I am so super excited that Christmas is almost here. The holiday season went by so quick this year and we are getting ready over here for Christmas Day. The gifts are all wrapped up and I thought it would be nice to share with you my rustic gift wrapping ideas.

Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Rustic gift wrapping // color scheme

Last year we didn’t have much time for gift wrapping and the gifts definitely looked like that. I didn’t want that to happen again this year and since I love everything farmhouse I decided to go with a rustic gift wrapping. My base is this brown wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby and I added rustic flair and color with different greenery, burlap ribbon, strings and holly.

Rustic gift wrapping // materials needed

Brown wrapping paper

Brown paper bags

Tissue paper

Holly or berry stems

Pine stems

Rustic bells


Plaid ribbon

Sisal Twine


Gift tags

Rustic gift wrapping // five different options

So I wanted to give you guys five different options that way you get to pick your favorite or the one that works best for you.

Option #1: Green wreath

As with all the gifts I started by wrapping the gift in brown wrapping paper.  (Sorry guys but I didn’t take pictures of that step since these are all actual gifts and my family can’t know what they are getting for Christmas).  So I found this green garland in the dollar section at target. I simply formed a wreath out and cut the garland to length. Then I twisted the ends together and wrapped sisal twine around the gift to hold the wreath in place.  Add a nice gift tag and you are done.

Gift Wrapping with a Wreath

Option #2: Burlap Ribbon

Once again I started by wrapping the gift.  I created a burlap ribbon using this tutorial here and glued it to the gift with some hot glue.  I finished the gift with a nice gift tag.

Gift Wrapping with Burlap RIbbon

Option #3: Holly

Same here, I started by wrapping the gift.  I put two holly stems together and put them place.  Then I used sisal twine and wrapped it around the gift to keep the holly in place.  Last step was to add a gift tag.

Gift Wrapping with Holly

Option #4: Pine stems and rustic bells

I started once again by wrapping the gift.  Then I put together some pine stems and then added a rustic bell to the mix.  I secured them both with a little plaid ribbon bow wrapped around them at the top.  Then I used hot glue to attach the pine stems to the actual gift.  Lastly I rounded it all up with a nice gift tag.

Gift Wrapping with Pine

Option #5: Gift bags

I know that not everyone actually likes to wrap gifts so I added the option of using gift bags.  With the bag you have the same options as with the wrapped gifts.  In my case I added a bow made out of burlap and plaid ribbon to one bag.  I added pine stems and a rustic bell to another bag.  And lastly, I used a holly stem and secured by wrapping sisal twine around the entire bag.  Each bag was finished with a gift tag.

Rustic Gift wrapping – Free gift tags

I do have a little gift for you guys as well.  As you can see I used these cute little chalkboard gift tags that I created for all of our gifts.  You can download them here.  Simply print them on card stock, use a hole punch to add the holes and then attach them with some string.  This gives your gift the final touch.

Alrighty guys, that’s a wrap.  Thanks so much for stopping by and happy wrapping!





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