Removing the Ramps

Removing the Outside Ramps

Staying on trend with this house’s ridiculous need to have multiples of everything (four water heaters, three outside electrical meters, two furnaces, etc.) it would only make sense that there would be two outside ramps – one at each main entrance.

The ramps left a lot to be desired, to say the least. Between the rotting wood, the rusty metal stairs and chintzy plastic rafters, it was determined that the ramps needed to come down as soon as possible.

Armed with his chainsaw and drill, Brett, like a kid in a candy store, started hacking away at the ramps. On Saturday he was able to pull off the back ramp, which was also the one that had the plastic rafters and not-so-sturdy rusty metal stairs.

After Ramp Removal_Back

For now, we aren’t adding a landing or stairs to that back door. We might end up removing the door and adding a window. Or keeping the door and using it as the garage entrance.

On Sunday Brett removed the main entrance ramp, rotting wood and all. While he was going crazy on the ramp, I was able to finish antiquing the kitchen island cabinets – pictures are coming soon!

After Removal _ Front

My parents came over Sunday afternoon and we kept the momentum going by taking down four trees with these purple ‘snake-like’ leaves, trimming the mini-trees on the shoreline of the lake and trimming various trees around the yard.

tree pile

With that all said and done, we now have a humongous pile of sticks, brush and logs to burn, a great sight line to the lake and wonderful stairs to the main entrance. No more fumbling down the ramp in the dark; what a relief!DSC_1216

Next up on the agenda is building a fence, finishing off the kitchen cabinets and knocking down a few more walls inside. No rest for the weary!



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3 thoughts on “Removing the Ramps

  1. Your hard work will all pay off someday. Great way to spend the weekend. At least you can see the improvement.

    1. It’s so nice to see the transformation within the past month; so much has changed already! Maybe one of these days we’ll actually be able to sit back and relax 🙂

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