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Remember that one time I told you that when we start one project, five more pop up? Well, that rule is still very much alive.

As you can see from the picture above, we tore down yet a few more walls. It had to be done, we promise. We just didn’t expect it to be happening right now. Clearly Moxie is enjoying playing in all this mess 🙂

Last week, a very nice man who works with my dad volunteered his time and energy and came over to walk us through redoing our entire HVAC system. He is the HVAC guy at the construction site and said he would help us out if we wanted to do it ourselves.

Before he left, he gave us some homework – we had to cut out supply and return air holes throughout the house.

One of those return holes will be in the wall between the office and hallway. The supply vents can go in the floor, but the return vents go in the wall. This isn’t a huge problem to cut into the wall. Except in the office the wall that would host the return air vent had a pocket door inside.


With the exception of our bedroom door, all the doors on the first floor are pocket doors and we aren’t a fan. We were planning on ripping them out anyways, but now with the return air space needing to go in the wall, the office pocket door had to come out.

Which lead Brett to just do one fell sweep and tear out the two pocket doors in the guest bathroom as well.

This lead to, “Well let’s just tear out the shower in the bathroom because that has to go anyways. And we might as well do the bathroom shelf too.”

So here we are. Sheet rock piled everywhere, shower remnants scattered around the floor and an extremely open concept bathroom.


This weekend’s plan is to get the walls framed in and also frame in the doors. We are in the process of picking out the doors themselves, but have found that choosing a door isn’t just choosing the door. You also have to think about the color and the color of the trim and the color of the floors and the color of the walls, etc., etc.

See what I mean when one thing leads to five more?


Maybe we just need to stick to knocking down walls and tearing out unnecessary pieces of furniture like showers and cabinets.

Have a wonderful weekend!

All our best,





  1. Patti rowley

    looking great!! Keep up the good work????

    • Kelly

      Thank you Patti! Slowly but surely, we are making some progress!

  2. Lora

    One project does always lead to so many others! Look forward to seeing more 🙂


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