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It’s no secret that Brett and I would rather spend a night in than go out to the bars.

Somewhere between the entryway renovation and finishing up the guest bedroom we realized that nothing says relaxation like a night on the couch, watching whatever TV show season we’re into on Netflix and diving into a giant bowl of popcorn.

gift guide for the perfect night in

gift guide for the perfect night in

If you have family or friends who feel the same way [or you’re in the same boat as us!] we’ve rounded up the perfect gifts for the homebodies in your life.

Just as you’d imagine, it’s filled with cozy sweats, slippers and socks, but also other necessities for a good night in like candles and cozy blankets.

It takes some skill to master the perfect night in, but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of experience to help you out 😉

Gifts for the Perfect Night In

To wear

It’s all about the smell

For your feet

For the home


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