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Sharing details on the brand new outdoor deck + how we’re decorating for summer. [post contains affiliate links, which means we make a small commission, at NO additional cost to you, if a purchase is made. thanks for supporting north country nest!]

Friends, we are so excited to (finally) share the newest addition to our outdoor landscaping family – the outdoor deck!

outdoor deck with outdoor furniture

Brett broke ground on this baby over Memorial Day Weekend – which was only two months ago, but seems like ages. It was hotter than the sun and all I can remember is praying that he didn’t pass out from heat exhaustion. Thankfully, all he walked away with was a little sunburn.

black labs on outdoor deck

Over the course of the next few weeks, it all came together and we learned quite a few things along the way. The good news, we’re now even more prepared for the main wraparound deck that will maybe be going up next summer? That’s hopeful thinking but a girl can dream, right?!

galvanized potted plant on outdoor deck

Anyways, back to the deck. Brett busted his butt getting it all put together in about two weeks. And then. And then we had a solid month of rain. Not consecutive days, but for the sealer to work properly, it needed three dry days prior and then another full dry day after application. So yes, it took another month before the rainfall stopped and we could finally seal it!

dining table on outdoor deck

We went with Cabot Australian Timber Oil in Amberwood. To be honest, the color was quite a shock to us – a lot more orange than what we were anticipating. In the store (famous last words, right?) it was more muted and brown. I mentioned this in the front porch update but we ended up liking the Honey Teak color better which was the other option we were flip-flopping between at the store.

outdoor deck with outdoor furniture

I think we can seal the wraparound in Honey Teak and still have it blend well with the deck – they’re similar enough that I don’t think it would stand out too much. Thankfully, we have awhile to think it through and maybe after weathering a Minnesota winter, the Amberwood will de-orange a bit.

So, this is where it stands today and will be until next summer. Although we have some big plans for sprucing it up a bit, the garage and new windows have taken over our lives and since the deck is in working condition, it’s been put on the backburner.

black labs on outdoor deck

What do we have planned, you ask?

We’d like to add a pergola to the left side, coming from where the two posts are still in tact. It’ll create a nice shaded area for eating; it gets real hot, real quick and having a spot out of the sun is needed.

outdoor deck with table

Speaking of eating, the table needs an overhaul. You may be able to notice in the pictures, but it warped quite a bit since last year. Our only guess is that it sat on the uneven concrete for so long that it warped. Whatever the reason, it needs to get an update. And since the deck is so big, we are thinking of doing a larger table to fill up the space a little more.

outdoor deck with seating

The other big to-do is building a bar in the corner where the two stackable chairs are. We really liked the make-shift one we made from cinder blocks and 2x4s but Brett said he’d like to do something with a little more storage.

outdoor deck with dining table

We’re definitely in the idea phase right now so if you come across anything, please send it our way! We have a lot of space to work with – a little more than we expected – and what’s one more project to add to the list?! 🙂

All our best,

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  1. Kati

    Wow! That is a great deck space. It is going to be amazing to entertain and decorate. Cant wait to see what you do. And love the doggie bombs. What cuties!

    • North Country Nest

      Thank you!! Hahha they always try and sneak into pictures when I’m taking them so I thought it would be fun to actually get them to sit still for more than five seconds! 🙂


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