One Room Challenge Week One: Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Plans

Well hello there, One Room Challenge… we meet again.

This my friends, is our second time joining in on the fun and we are so. freaking. excited.

Well, I can’t speak for Brett and since he’s currently playing mountain man in Wyoming but I’ll just imagine that he’s bursting with excitement and so, so sad that he’s missing out on the first few weeks 😉

If you missed last year, we made over our entryway and it was an exhausting but exciting renovation. It was our first FULL room reno and although we didn’t quite finish the entire space within the six week time limit, it was still so fun! Click here to check it out.

This year we’re tackling one of our guest bedrooms.

We have six weeks to go from empty room to fully finished space and I am determined to make it to the finish line this year!

So without further ado, here is what we have to work with:

I used an extra wide angle lens so there is a little fisheye distortion, but you get the idea. With the exception of the industrial curtain rod and drop cloth curtains, we have a blank canvas to work with and I am so, so excited!

When we first moved in, the room didn’t have a closet and wasn’t considered a ‘real’ bedroom. We tore down the north wall, added a closet and made the room a little larger – the subfloor is the what we added.

My hope for this room is to have a mix of decor that brings out the rustic, industrial and farmhouse styles Brett and I love.

Our biggest goal for this room is to be as frugal as possible. With plans to finish up the garage in the spring/summer, the budget is low. But that’s what is going to make this even more exciting, right?!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Photo ledge above the reading nook
Ladders-turned-side tables on eithe side of the bed
A cozy reading nook in the corner
A plant shelf above the bed
A craft closet/storage system
Industrial scones on either side of the bed

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom
Renovation To-Dos

  • Install plywood flooring
  • Paint the walls
  • Put together the bed
  • Make/find nigtstands
  • Make a bookshelf
  • Install closet shelving and storage
  • Make the picture ledge
  • Find/make light fixtures
  • Find/make wall decor
  • Put together the seating corner
  • Make over the wood bench
  • Install closet doors
  • Install room door

Here’s what you can expect next week: plywood flooring and painted walls.

For more inspiration, check out the other guest participants by clicking here.

All our best,


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18 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week One: Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Plans

  1. Hey Kelly! I’m also doing a bedroom for the ORC. So excited!

    Your room has so much gorgeous potential already. I can’t wait to see where you take it!

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