One Room Challenge Week Six: The Craft Closet Organization

Today we’re talking about one of my most favorite topics: organization. More specifically, craft closet organization.

I am of the strange breed that likes to make a complete mess of things (closets, bedroom shelves, etc.) and then put them back together…for fun.

In the interest of holding out for next week’s final reveal, we’re showing you the guest bedroom craft closet at about 60 percent done… the old college try.

The inside of the closet measures six feet wide by just under two feet deep, so it’s a pretty decent size. Obviously not as large as it COULD be, but definitely holds its own.

craft closet organization

The back of the closet is painted with the same color as the bench we showed off last week. It’s a mixure of paint left over from the kitchen island and white primer. I had orginally wanted to cover the back in wallpaper and then decided to go with the free option instead 🙂

We went back and forth on whether or not to build from scratch or buy an entire closet system. After seeing a friend’s closet from Home Depot (thanks for the idea, Allie and Kyle!) we opted to copy them and go with a pre-built closet.

craft closet organization

This is the one we chose, and added white panel shelves above each  hanger rod.

In terms of the skill level needed to put this baby together, my mom and I were able to do everything but the additional shelves on our own… and we may have had a glass or two of wine during the process.

craft closet organization

The directions aren’t the easiest to understand and we had to whip out the hack saw to cut the hanger rods so they would fit, but we managed to build it without losing any limbs.

I knew this closet was going to be used for all things craft- and blog-related but still wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to actually doing said organization.

I picked up a few ideas from YoungHouseLove’s podcast and of course found some while scrolling through my Pinterest feed.

craft closet organization

For the left hanger rod, we decided to go with this hanging organizer and I found these baskets from JoAnns for 50 perfect off (score!). I’ve loaded them up with washi tape, gluing tools, scissors and writing utinsels.

On the right side, the top portion will be used for all things gift- and ribbon-related.

craft closet organization

I repurposed a pant hanger to hold ribbon spools and it works PERFECTLY. Plus, I already had it on hand and you can’t beat free-ninetynine.

On the shelf below the ribbons, we have an absurd amount of gift bags (does anyone else have this problem?) and boxes to use for gifts. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this all in one convenient spot. No more digging through boxes and bins to find what I’m looking for!

craft closet organization

The middle shelf system will be all of the other things. Right now, the top shelf is housing all the camera-related items, the middle basket is filled with ribbon, yarn and twine, and the bottom two bins are stuffed with cards, wrapping paper and tissue paper.

What else?

I know I want to make something to hold all the rolls of wrapping paper and pick up some larger fabric bins to hold all the fabric I have in totes (they’re too big for the shelf). I’ve also been thinking about storing all the office-related items like binders and paper and envelopes, so getting some smaller bins for those would be ideal.

If you have any DIY/inexpensive storage ideas you swear by, please share them below!

Next week, we’re sharing the FINISHED guest bedroom and I can’t wait. In the meantime we have to finish the closet organization, add a closet door, put up the baseboards and add some art to the walls.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next week 🙂

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21 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week Six: The Craft Closet Organization

  1. Oh Kelly, you need to jump inside a box and ship yourself to Atlanta for awhile. I could surely use your skills in getting organized! Looking so forward to getting your tips in use AND seeing your room next week! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Can’t wait to see how this lovely craft closet turns out. I’m adding a link to my favorite repurposed sweater covered boxes for organizing. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party.

  3. Oh man, I need your help with my craft closet – this is looking so good! I also have an absurd amount of gift bags – where do they keep coming from? Can’t wait to see the reveal!

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