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I am so excited you’re here because we’ve got some fun news to share – we’re joining in on the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home.

“That’s great, but what the heck is a One Room Challenge?”

We’re so glad you asked! Here’s straight from the website: The One Room Challenge™, currently in its tenth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October. In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, is welcome to join the fun as a Guest Participant by linking their own room transformations up during the six weeks. Each Thursday, the internet and social media are flooded with interior design inspiration, ideas, and encouragement.

This is going to be so fun and we can’t wait to share our progress with you over the next six weeks!

“What room are you ‘renovating?’”

As you most likely know, we’re renovating our entire house, which fortunately gives us a variety of spaces to choose from. We wanted to pick a space that was manageable with all the other renovation projects we have running at the moment, because we want to keep you all updated in real time. After much back and forth, we decided to go with the front entryway.

The space isn’t gigantic and we were planning on starting it this winter anyways. Now, our timeline was just moved up a few weeks.

“What’s the plan?”

Up until now, we haven’t had the opportunity to really dig into the décor choices. We’ve laid out wall placements and ductwork and furnace locations, but we haven’t actually had a chance to decide on the fun décor options like paint colors and lighting and tables, etc.

Before we dive into ‘The Vision’, I want to show you the space as it stands today.


  • The blank wall to the left is going to be planked. Brett has been searching high and low for some real barn wood (at a reasonable price) for us to use.
  • The front window is going to be replaced (the new one is roughly the same size as the current one). All the windows in the house are original and in pretty bad shape. In case you missed it, we replaced all the windows to the north side of the house and added one to the mudroom.
  • We are going to build built-in benches and shelving around the new window.
  • Currently, there is no lighting anywhere in the living room/entryway, so the plan is to add some fun/rustic overhead lighting.
  • We’re going to build a small entryway table to go along the plank wall.
  • Lastly, we’re going to give it all a nice coat of paint. No pressure on us, but the color we choose will go throughout the entire main living space. I’m already starting to have minor panic attacks just thinking about it. Picking out paint colors is hard. Yes, if you don’t like it you can just paint over everything. But that thought doesn’t seem to ease any of the stress. Hopefully we can both agree and decide on a color before the six weeks is up! 🙂

We are going to leave the flooring for now. I don’t know if we will have the time to get all over the above finished, plus adding in flooring. We’ll have to see how the next few weeks go. Want some more One Room Challenge inspiration? Check out their website to see what room other bloggers are making over.


All our best,


One Room Challenge Week Two: The Entryway Table

One Room Challenge Week Three: The Barn Wood Wall

One Room Challenge Week Four: The Window & Lights

One Room Challenge Week Five: The Built-Ins

One Room Challenge Week Six: The Final Reveal


  1. Colette @restyle it wright

    Wow! Can’t wait to see this! It’ll be a busy 6 weeks!

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Colette! We definitely will be busy, but that’s the fun of it, right?! 🙂


  2. Lauren

    Ooo sounds lovely!! Can’t wait to see the transformation over the new few weeks. Goodluckk!!!

  3. Sabrina

    OMG I am so excited for you guys and I can’t wait to see all the progress you will be making!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you!! We’re so excited too. I’ll be great to FINALLY have one room done.


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