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This past weekend was a busy one! Brett worked all day Saturday and framed in the doors for the guest bathroom and office. He installed the wall between the guest bathroom and mudroom closet. On top of that, we now have light in the mudroom – we went with the same recessed lights that are in the hallway.

I was able to sneak away for a girl’s day with my mom and sister. We visited the Aveda Institute for a belated Mother’s Day/birthday facial and then headed to the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Gluten Free Fest. Let me tell you, nothing beats walking into an entire convention with fun food to try that we can actually eat.

Sunday morning was spent on the lake and the afternoon was filled with a fun dinner with some friends and a stop over to my parents’ house to drop off Moxie. Brett heads back on the road this afternoon and I am gone all day at an event for work so we decided to drop Mox off so she isn’t cooped up all day – thank goodness for puppy sitters 🙂

I was debating showing the framed in walls as today’s update, but I think they all pretty much look the same and didn’t want to bore you too much! So let’s jump into another episode of the North Country Nest Book Club and take a look at the reading list for February and March.

I was going through Economics for grad school, aka legal torture, so I didn’t get too much reading in during the end of February and March, thus the combination of the two months.

As always, if you have any recommendations, please feel free to share!


Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup

In this book, author Ruth Soukup shares her journey from over spending to living within her means. She shares everything from where to shop for the best deals to cutting your grocery bill in half. She gives some great takeaway tips and strategies you can apply within your own home. Who doesn’t love saving money?!


Leading Change by John Kotter

I read this for work – it is another book that we use in our young professionals’ program and for all you business professionals, I would recommend picking up a copy. John Kotter dives into his eight step plan for managing changing in a successful manner. Change is happening all around us and this book is a great tool for managing it will within a business environment.


Drive by Daniel Pink

This is fascinating book about what motives people. Daniel draws on years and years of scientific research that challenges the idea that money is the best motivator. His persuasive argument looks at the three elements of true motivation and how to apply them to your own life. Absolutely great read!


Have a wonderful week!

All our best,



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