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I want to start today by sharing one of my favorite new features of our kitchen.

While it’s been a lengthy process with one too many hiccups, it hasn’t been all bad 😛 Part of designing the kitchen from scratch involved planning out some fun and creative storage ideas. One of which was this tall cabinet we added to the peninsula, to help break up the space. As you can see below, it now houses our Kitchenaid mixer with a garage-style door that pulls up.

Kitchenaid Mixer Storage | North Country Nest

Brett was able to add an outlet to the back, so all we have to do is pull the mixer out to use. It’s already plugged in and ready to go.

Pretty freakin’ cool, huh?

Kitchenaid Mixer Storage | North Country Nest

Now, onto the roundup:

  • Check out these seven big renovation lessons from the one and only, Emily Henderson. Number three is that she wishes she utilized the pocket door more. Funny enough, we tore all but one (our master bath) out because we hated them. I understand their function and how great they are for saving space, but I’m not sure I’d add them back in. Time will tell when we get around to renovating the bathroom.
  • Finishing the living room is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start day dreaming about decor. I’m thinking hard about adding a picture ledge, similar to the one below (from DIY Playbook). The idea of simply swapping out art is a big selling point – I love changing things up so this would be an easy way to change my mind 🙂

via The DIY Playbook

  • Speaking of art, I’ve been eyeing up a few inexpensive prints on Etsy and am loving the line art trend. I’ve used the concept with a few brand design clients and love the idea of bringing it into our artwork. Check out these flower prints and this abstract couple.

Enjoy the week!

All our best,

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