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While we strive to be as accurate and effective as possible, North Country Nest is for your entertainment purposes only. We are renovating our home, mostly by ourselves, on a pretty tight budget. If you do happen to try out any projects, tips or tricks we mention, it should be noted that we are not professionals and our advice should not be taken as such. You are at your own risk, especially when you’re testing out that new power saw. Friends, be careful. Please know that we are first-timers at a lot of these things too, use the right safety gear, follow all the guidelines and get help from the professionals if you don’t understand how to do something.

Long story short: don’t be stupid. 

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Long story short: we enjoy our privacy just as much as you and won’t sell your info. 

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We work our butts off on content for this blog, including the photos. We’re honored that you want to share our ideas, so please, feel free. However, limit it to one photo, credit back to the original article. Also, feel free to include a summary of the post, but not the entire post itself. Please don’t alter the image. If you want to use one of our articles, just ask (contact@northcountrynest.com). We’re pretty nice.

Long story short: don’t steal our stuff. 

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