Layering Stain for a DIY Farmhouse Side Table

Today we share our first experience with layering stain to make a DIY farmhouse side table.

Farmhouse Side Table

Farmhouse furniture is one of my favorite things to DIY. There is just something about the distressing, dark wood top and black hardware that I love. And no piece ever looks the exact same, which just adds to the charm.

A few months ago, I made over a $5 table found at a thrift store by adding some planking to the top and painting the base with white chalk paint..

Most recently, I repainted and distressed a larger side table that we made into a mini-pantry.

Today I want to share with you another thrift store makeover – I picked up this table for $10 at my favorite furniture spot.

It was in great condition and looked like someone had tried to sand off the top but got bored and just left it.

The Supplies

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The Process

First, I finished sanding off the finish from the top. It didn’t take too long since they had already started it for me.

After giving it a quick wipe down to remove the dust, I applied one coat of the weathered gray stain.

Wanting to add some white into the grain, I went over the top with the limewax, rubbing in circles to really grind the wax into the wood.

I then added a light coat of my new favorite stain – special walnut.

I painted the base with white chalk paint, but even after distressing the base, it still was missing something. So, I went over the top with another coat of special walnut.

That seemed to do the trick!

I loved the hardware it came with, but they needed a little TLC. I spray painted them matte black which brought them back to life.

After reinstalling the hardware, I went over the entire piece with polyurethane and called it a day.

Farmhouse furniture still is my favorite and I am looking forward to test out some more stain combinations!

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