Laundry Room Renovation | New Cabinets and Light Fixtures

Sharing the latest updates on our laundry room renovation, including new cabinets and new light fixtures. Thank you to Wayfair for providing us with the beautiful light fixtures. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

laundry room renovation updates

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted about the laundry room… or posted in general. We’re still going without internet but thanks to my parents letting us borrow theirs, we’re able to give you some much needed updates!

Here’s where we started last August.

Since the last update, we decided to add some cabinets. It was kind of a spur of the moment idea, but I am so happy we went with it.

If you remember, we had one of the PVC pipes coming out of the wall and had planned on covering it with a wood post and industrial style shelving. After going back and forth on the style of the shelving, we threw out the idea of cabinets instead. They’d easily hide the pipe and they’re great for storage.

laundry room renovation updates

Since both of us are lacking in patience department, we immediately hopped in the truck and drove to Menards to check out their options. They had an okay selection with the option to choose from painted white or raw wood cabinets.

laundry room renovation update

White cabinets are so classic and since having them in our kitchen is out of the question [thanks, Brett], I thought it would be great to have them in the laundry room. Brett was a little more hesitant and thought that the white would bring out the purple in the walls again.

Fair enough. Brett for the win.

laundry room renovation updates

The cabinets were put up and centered with the washer and dryer. Brett cut out a hole on the left one to fit over the pipe and now it’s firmly hidden and completely unnoticable.

laundry room renovation updates

We wanted to add a little industrial charm and decided on a pipe shelf below the cabinets. It was a little bit of a struggle to decide on finish which led to me trying out several options before settling on a painted white and slightly distressed style – Brett again for the win with suggesting I paint it in the first place. Friends, he’s on a roll in this room!

laundry room renovation updates

Lastly, we changed out the light fixtures, which sounds like it would be an easy project, but as with anything else we’ve done up to this point, it took a little extra work.

laundry room renovation updates

See, we originally put in can lights – see the post on them here – and were fairly happy with how they looked. Then as I started pulling inspiration together for the room, I wanted to bring in more industrial pieces and these light fixtures from Wayfair immediately caught my eye. Thankfully, Brett fell in love with them too and didn’t even put up too much of a fight when I asked if we could switch out the can lights for these babies.

laundry room renovation updates

Since the base of the new lights are smaller than the hole we had to cut for the can lights, Brett had to patch the extra space. After putting three coats on, he decided he wanted to move the new lights over to the right a bit and ended up patching up the entire hole and cutting in two new spots for the lights.

laundry room renovation updates

I was just so glad to find out that I’m not the only one who can’t make up their mind and wants to change things mid-project 😉

So what’s left? 

  • Finish staining the cabinets
  • Install the laundry tub
  • Add storage to the closet
  • Decorate (!)
  • Trim the laundry room and closet
  • Frame in the closet door
  • Install the door

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Cabinet stain


Our goal? To get this done by the end of the month and settled a bit before the wedding! We’re all about tight deadlines around here and not getting too comfortable 🙂

All our best,


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9 thoughts on “Laundry Room Renovation | New Cabinets and Light Fixtures

  1. LOVING the wood cabinets! Definitely the right call! And those new industrial lights were totally worth the extra work to switch out! Things are coming together beautifully!

  2. I like how the stain perfectly matches the stain on the window trim. If it isn’t the same, it looks like it does in the photo! 🙂 The same would go for baseboard if you go that route (although classic white would go great too and match the shelf).

    –a guest from Remodelaholic

  3. You’ve done so much work! The laundry room is looking great. It’s certainly a place where you have to spend much of your time. So, it’s a great bonus for the laundry room to look as pleasant and attractive as yours does, now. Super job!
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

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