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11 Kitchen Islands That Steal the Show

For this week’s Friday Inspiration, we’re sharing a roundup of rustic and industrial kitchen islands that are sure to inspire.

Friday Inspiration: Kitchen Islands

There is something about a kitchen island that just screams, “Gather around me, drink and be merry.” I don’t know what it is about them, but in my family, that is where everyone gravitates. At all our get-togethers, you can find random baked goods, snacks and drink mixers scattered across the surface and at least three or four people milling about.

They’re also a catch-all for those papers, keys, groceries and any other thing that doesn’t have a home. Or, maybe it does, but like people, those items seem to gravitate towards the island.

Which brings me to the topic for this week’s Friday Inspiration – The Kitchen Island. I’ve rounded up some amazing and unique islands to hopefully spur your creativity. Not only are these islands perfect for those family/friend gatherings, but they also offer a little twist to the traditional style. Enjoy!

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