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Having a spot for us to keep everything has become more apparently needed over the past several months. I found that I would try to put away things in the kitchen, but then I’d forget where I put this one piece of paper or that really important piece of mail.

After an incident with the roof insurance check, I started just stacking things in piles. That way, I wouldn’t need to worry about misplacing anything.

While this method is great for peace keeping [no more scrambling when Brett asks me where something is], it’s not so great for organization and the endless battle of “let’s try to keep the kitchen counters clutter-free.”

Thus, the appeal of a command center was born. And not just any one, but a fun, industrial farmhouse command center that fits in with the style of the rest of the house.

I wanted a spot to have a calendar, menu planner, mail holder and a place to put all the important, random papers that seem to multiple overnight.

 Industrial Farmhouse Command Center
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How to Create an Industrial Farmhouse Command Center

Industrial Farmhouse Command Center

Organizing the Mail

I found this galvanized envelope holder at Target that we use for our checkbooks, outgoing mail, VIP mail and stamps.

Industrial Farmhouse Command Center
The red chicken wire holder we’ve had for a few years, but I found a similar one here. This baby houses all the coupons and other miscellaneous shopping-related papers.

Industrial Farmhouse Command Center

The two cork boards are also from Target. They have stickies on the back to secure them to wall – super easy to put up and they stick really well.

Organizing the Schedule

The chalkboard menu was created from a frame found at Goodwill using chalk spray paint and chalkboard paint. If you’re not wanting to DIY, I found this one on Amazon.

Industrial Farmhouse Command Center

The giant white board calendar I also picked up at Goodwill, but it is this one from Target.

Industrial Farmhouse Command Center

The black metal containers on wood was made by nailing three metal containers to a stained piece of wood. It’s great for storing things like dry erase markers, washi tape and pieces of chalk.

While this still doesn’t feel exactly finished, it’s is a great start to managing the clutter and keeping those important papers in one spot.

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  1. Sabrina

    I love your family command center. It looks so rustic and cute. My favorite is the rustic container/wood board. It looks so great and sounds easy to make. Thanks for sharing your great command center!

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Sabrina! It was really, really easy to make!


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