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Sharing tips and tricks for storing and organizing your non-seasonal home decor items so that they’re easy to find and use when needed!

While I fully understand that my collection of home decor items is probably a little more than the average person, I also know how much I’ve reorganized the assortment and don’t think I am the only one riding that struggle bus. Since I’ve finally figured out a system that works for me, I thought it might be worth sharing in case it spurs some new ideas for your own home.

Home Decor Organization Ideas

Because we have an unfinished basement, I know we’re already off to an advantage. I’ve slowly overtaken a corner of said basement and when we actually get to renovating down there, I’ll have to rethink my plan of attack. Until then, here’s how I’m keeping all the bowls, trays, flowers, vases and other miscellaneous decor items organized.

How to Store Faux Florals in Five Gallon Buckets

Let’s start with the faux flowers. I used to have them in a tub, which meant I’d have to take everything out and search for that one floral stem I was looking for. Now, I’ve snagged a few five gallon buckets from Brett and have them organized by color. So far, this seems to be the best way for finding what I’m looking for. I did originally try by season but I sometimes like to be a little rebellious and use florals outside their natural season (shock and awe, I know) so that only worked for a few months.

How to Store Candles in Totes

The candles, non-seasonal garlands and any other small items are stored in one long storage tote. For the vase fillers, I either kept the original container or corralled like-items into a plastic bag. I have to be honest, vase filler sometimes sneaks into the seasonal decor so not everything is always in its place.

Storing Home Decor Trays | North Country Nest

Because I have a tray problem, I’ve organized all of them into one giant bin. I also like to collect tiered trays, so those make up another large bin.

Home Decor Storage of Tiered Trays

Moving on to the under-the-stairs storage. It’s a little dark and dingy but the shelves were there when we moved in and it’s a great way to see everything without having to dig in bins. Brett isn’t a huge fan, but again, it works for now!

Under the Stairs Storage for Home Decor Items

On the top shelf, I have all the mason jars, small bottles and votives.

The middle shelf houses the bottles and candlesticks.

The bottom shelf has vases and pitchers.

And the floor has the too-large-for-the-shelf containers, vases and pitchers.

Under the Stairs Storage for Home Decor Items

Towards the back, I have the baskets and planters grouped together and along to wall are the lanterns.

How to Organize Your Home Decor Items | North Country Nest

Now, slight disclaimer: Seasonal decor is not pictured. I do have each season in a specific tote around the corner. If you’re interested in how that looks, let me know and we’ll do a post on storing and organizing seasonal decor. I think most people have a handle on that since it all comes out at once – what I struggled most with is the filler stuff that you use every season and during the in-between times.

And with that, happy organizing!

All our best,

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