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Check out this great tutorial on how to repaint painted kitchen cabinets. Yes, it can be done and yes, it WORKS! 

About this time two years ago I painted our kitchen cabinets. It was a huge learning project and one that left me with much to be desired.

I was happy with how it all turned out but there was a paint sprayer debacle and some issues with the paint chipping from the glaze…needless to say, not a seamless operation.

Anyways, once we wrapped up the project, I vowed to shelve the cabinet painting for good and wash my hands of it.

kitchen summer home tour

And then…

And then I started finding our home style and getting more comfortable with making home decisions and realized the cabinets needed to change.

But was it possible to repaint painted kitchen cabinets and not have it look like crap?

Going into the project, my biggest concern was having to sand EVERYTHING down again. That was my deal-breaker.

So, I made a trip to the hardware store and had a nice heart-to-heart with the paint guy. I triple-checked with him that if I bought this product, sanding would not be required.

I had to hold myself back from doing a happy dance in the aisle and practically ran out of the store with my loot.

Of course I was a little skeptical going into the whole thing and I do have a few disclaimers to walk through, but overall, this process has worked like a charm.

Tedious? Yes, absolutely.

But the entire project wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Tutorial: Repainting Painted Cabinets

Supplies Needed to Repaint Painted Cabinets

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It all starts with the deglosser. 

cabinet deglosser

Grab a paper towel or dry washcloth and pour some of the deglosser on the towel. Then, using a circle motion, rub it on the cabinet, working in sections.

deglossing kitchen cabinet with paper towel

Once it feels like there isn’t any deglosser left on the towel, pour some more on another side and repeat the process all over again until the entire cabinet is done.

paper towel with deglosser and kitchen cabinet residue

…that’s it.

kitchen cabinet that has been deglossed

I know, right? How awesome is that?

After deglossing alllllll the cabinet doors and frames, it was time to paint.

Since the original paint color was cream, I passed on the primer and ended up doing about two to three coats on everything.

In addition to painting the cabinets, I also spray painted the hinges a matte black and took the plunge and bought a package of matte black knobs.

I’ll admit, I was super intimidated to install the handles and then the Heavens parted and I found this genius tool.

The easiest way to add hardware to cabinets

Grab the template and line it up with the edge of the cabinet door.

cabinet hardware alignment tool

Using a pencil or fine tip pen make a dot on the door wherever you’d like the handle to go.

drill bit to install cabinet hardware

Drill a hole where the dot is and secure the cabinet knob.

cabinet hardware holes

That’s IT.

matte black kitchen cabinet hardware with white cabinets

The Kitchen Reveal

Okay, enough of the tutorials.

Ready to see the newly painted kitchen?

white kitchen cabinets with green island

I am pretty much in love.

white kitchen cabinets with black oven

A few miscellaneous mentionables….

We have a lovely splotch of old wall color from where Brett removed a section of cabinets for the pantry door. It’s added charm and probably won’t be painted over. Mostly because I am debating changing the paint color entirely and partly because it’s barely noticeable and we’re only a year…or two… from a full kitchen reno. 🙂

white kitchen cabinets with black hardware

I only purchased one pack of the black cabinet knobs and opted to put them only on the cabinet doors. If inspiration strikes, we may add them to the drawers but more than likely it’ll stay this way.

white kitchen cabinets and green island

I used regular Behr paint on the kitchen island and the garbage door is already starting to chip. I’m not sure if it’s because of the type of paint, because it’s the most used door in the kitchen, or because it’s repainted and not adhering properly.

white kitchen cabinets and greenery

I was in demo mode and removed the decorative piece above the kitchen sink. That exposed a pretty ugly light so we ended up switching it out for two black overhead lights.

white, open kitchen cabinet

The white cabinets definitely show off the spills and stains wayyyy more than the cream color. However, I have been able to wipe off all of the things without any of the paint coming off. Another reason I LOVE the Dutch Boy cabinet and trim paint.

white kitchen cabinets with white fridge

I think I would recommend repainting painted cabinets as a temporary solution only. Not that it doesn’t work because it does. It just doesn’t look as refined and perfect as newly painted and/or entirely new cabinets would. I knew going into this that it would temporary, which means I let the perfection mindset slide a little. Yes, I still love it and I am SO happy that it’s done. But I am also glad it’s not a permanent fix.

open style white kitchen cabinets

We’re REALLY done with the kitchen now until the actual renovation. I know, I know. We said that a few times already. BUT, if you’re not happy, a few coats of paint goes a long way and really, it was totally worth it. 🙂

All our best,

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how to repaint painted kitchen cabinets


  1. Kristi

    LOVE the new light and bright look and that island is the most beautiful shade of green!

  2. Tracy

    I’ve never used Dutch Boy paint, though I would love to try it. I have extensive experience with Behr paint, however, and I hate it. Most expensive paint and it always cracks and peels. It’s not my prep, as I prep the same way and no other paint does it. So, it’s not you!

  3. Rebecca

    Love the tips! Your kitchen looks excellent.
    I was wondering, we bought our house last year and it looks like the wood cabinets were painted yellow and then brown. The paint is so thick that the door paint has been chipping off when you open and close them. DO you have any suggestions for dealing with multiple layers of paint? I want to paint them a bluish/gray not real dark.

    • North Country Nest

      Great question! Because it’s already starting to chip, you probably want to sand off the doors and then repaint.



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