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Keep that floor looking like new with this quick and easy tutorial on how to clean interior brick floors with all-natural cleaning ingredients!

It’s been three years since we installed the beautiful brick floor in our entryway. I am as much in love with it today as I was on install-day. However, it has started to show it’s wear and tear. While it gets a weekly vacuuming, I have yet to give said floor a good scrubbin’. It’s looking a little sad, wouldn’t you say?

Because we didn’t seal the brick (I didn’t even know that was a thing, to be honest!), I started the hunt for a safe cleaner that would get the job done, without harming the floors.

How to Clean Your Brick Floor Pavers | North Country Nest

Friends, I found my new favorite cleaning mixture. Now, I’m not a complete cleaning novice, but I tend to gravitate towards to ‘all-in-one’ cleaner that I can pick up at Target. I have my favorites so making something at home hasn’t really crossed my mind.

Until now. I’ve experienced the power of the baking soda-vinegar combo and I am amazed. Because I’m not a huge fan of the vinegar smell, I dashed a few drops of essential oil into the mixture and now feel the need to smell my brick floors.

Here’s the recipe:

  • A sprinkle of baking soda (maybe two-ish tablespoons)
  • A sprinkle of vinegar (same, about two-ish tablespoons)
  • A few drops of lemon essential oil (because I’m not a fan of the smell of vinegar)
  • Warm water

I grabbed a scrub brush and went to town.

Now, I may or may not have pulled a shoulder muscle from scrubbing (that’s for me and the dogs to only ever know) BUT the results are well worth the effort.

Do you see how clean that grout looks?

Sidenote: even Gunner thought the floor smelled good 🙂 

How to Clean Your Brick Floor Pavers | North Country Nest

It’s like we have a brand new floor AND didn’t have to do the install work 😛

How to Clean Your Brick Floor Pavers | North Country Nest

I’m kind of liking this whole homemade cleaning recipe thing. I get to experience the instant gratification of a job well done PLUS sprinkle in a little DIY. Now, off to see what else I can spiffy up with my new favorite cleaning combo.

All our best,


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