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This post is three weeks in the making. On the one hand, YAY, we have so much to share in regards to the garage. On the other, I have been struggling with finding time to share all the updates and my type-A personality that hates missing deadlines is not happy… better late than never, right?!

It’s been nearly eight months since we shared anything about the garage – you can catch up on the last post here. Basically, we had one garage door installed and one side of soffit/fascia board put up.

single care garage door

Shortly after that post went live, we were able to install the larger garage door and Brett snagged the perfect size window at our favorite discount home supplies store, BMO.

three car garage building

And then.

And then life happened.

In January, we had a few contractors come out to give us quotes on insulating the interior and after recovering from sticker shock, we decided to hit pause on all things related to the garage.

Brett’s company unexpectedly closed its doors at the end of February, so the whole financial aspect of starting renovations again came to the forefront and we were on hold for a little while longer. He started a new job in April (which he’s loving!) right about the time we started discussing the possibility of applying for a home equity loan.

In May we started on that paperwork and made it official the first week of June. We hit the ground running right after leaving the bank and it has been go-go-go ever since.

Up first?

spray foam insulation in garage

Insulating the walls.

After talking to the inspector we decided to go with both spray foam insulation and fiberglass. Brett was a little nervous to do the spray foam himself but it ended up being a really easy process. We went with the FROTH-PAK brand and to cover the walls of our garage, which is 40 x 32, we used two large kits and one small version.

spray foam in three car garage

After finishing that, we went through and cleaned up the excess foam.

spray foam insulation in garage

Then, Brett installed the fiberglass insulation in between each stud.

fiberglass insulation in three car garage

Also included in that weekend’s activities was putting up the vapor barrier – the plastic sheet you see along the ceiling. We started with 10′ wide plastic and then went with the 16’… which ended up being a little too wide and the staples kept ripping out. There is probably several pounds of staples in our trusses now, but at least the plastic isn’t going anywhere ๐Ÿ˜›

fiberglass insulation in three car garage

Once those projects were completed, it was time for another inspection. Thankfully we passed with flying colors!

Up next was everyone’s favorite… sheetrock. Drywall. AKA a home renovator’s own personal hell ๐Ÿ˜›

drywall in three car garage

Total sidenote: I have yet to meet anyone who actually ENJOYS drywall. If you happen to know someone, please send them our way.ย 

To help the process, we bought a drywall lift – as someone who is terrified of heights, climbing up a ladder with a heavy piece of sheetrock was definitely not going to happen. Anyways, after figuring out the tool’s little quirks, it ended up being a relatively smooth process.

We ended up enlisting the help of my parents and were able to get the majority of the ceiling done in one day.

drywall lift for garage renovation

After finishing the ceiling sheetrock, next up was the blow-in insulation for the attic.

Before starting, I was convinced drywall was the worst job. Turns out, ripping open insulation bags and dumping them into the hopper is actually my least favorite renovation activity thus far. Think hot, summer weather, insulation flying everywhere, not being able to use glasses because they fogged up from breathing through a mask and getting insulation and sweat in your eyes for six hours straight.

drywall in three car garage renovation

But, we survived… and the show must go on, right?

After making Brett take a night off, we were back at the projects and started sheetrocking the walls.

Thankfully, this process is going so. much. better. than the ceiling. Partly because each sheet is so much lighter but also because they’re 10′, which fits perfectly with the wall height.

As for the exterior…

three car garage exterior

We finally, finally picked a siding color and stone pattern. We had selected something last fall but the contractor we’re working with for the installation uses a different manufacturer, meaning, we were back to the drawing board.


For the actual siding, we are going with JamesHardie cement board. To help save on costs, we’re only doing this type on the front. The rest of the house will be in vinyl.

The color? Night Gray – you can check it out here.

For the gables, we’re going with Monterey Taupe – check that out here.

And the trim will be plain white. I am also trying to convince Brett that black window frames would be a good idea – check out my Pinterest board for some examples.ย 

To finish it off, we decided on the Mountain Ledge Silverton – check that out here.ย 

And that’s where we’re at!

The game plan the next few weeks: finish installing the drywall, schedule the siding and stone installation, and select a contractor for mudding/sanding the interior drywall.

We’re going on year three of this endless project… maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to wrap this baby up before the end of summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

All our best,


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