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This homemade essential oil candle with dried rosemary is a great gift idea that is sure to please any receiver! [post contains affiliate links, which means we make a small commission, at NO additional cost to you, if a purchase is made. thanks for supporting north country nest!]

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How to Make a Homemade Essential Oil Candle with Dried Rosemary

essential oil dried rosemary candle

I started getting into candle making two years ago after putting together an amberwood vanilla homemade candle and giving it as gifts to friends and family. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much money we’d save on candles, especially during the winter months when I like to burn one 24/7. From then on, I’ve been putting them together off-and-on, with various scent combinations, to see what sticks.

three dried rosemary homemade candles

Today’s combination of rosemary and orange has been a favorite of mine in the diffuser so I thought it probably wouldn’t be too much different in a candle. For even more aroma and visual appeal, I added dried rosemary to the melted wax.

dried rosemary essential oil candle with homemade label

The recipe I share below makes three 8-ounce mason jar candles and if you want to give these as gifts, you can download the labels here.

Homemade Essential Oil Candle with Dried Rosemary | The Supplies

Homemade Essential Oil Candle with Dried Rosemary | The Tutorial

Step one. Using a hot glue gun, secure the candle wick to the bottom of the mason jar.

candle wick in mason jar

Step two. Once the wick has dried, secure it with a wick holder.

candle wick held by wick holder on mason jar

Step three. Add five cups of wax shavings to a sauce pan, on low heat.

Step four. Once the wax is melted, stir in 1/4 cup of dried rosemary, cut into small pieces, along with 1.0 mL orange essential oil and .5 mL rosemary essential oil.

Step five. Using a funnel, fill each mason jar with the melted wax.

dried rosemary candle

Step six. Once the candle wax has dried, cut the wick and you’re ready to go! As we mentioned above, you can download the labels by clicking here.

three dried rosemary essential oil candles

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essential oil homemade candle


  1. Marie InteriorFrugalista

    I bet this smells amazing and what a perfect hostess gift! Thanks for the tutorial because I just might make these for my own house. Pinned 🙂

  2. Super Mom - No Cape!

    I can’t use regular scented candles from the store due to allergies, but I bet I could use something like this. I’ll have to try it and see.

  3. Jenny

    This must smell so good. Great idea for a candle lover.


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