Welcome back, friends!

If you’re just joining us, we’re FOUR weeks into the One Room Challenge – this awesome event where amazingly talented home bloggers have to make over an entire room in six weeks.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

We’re tackling one of our guest bedrooms and since it’s been awhile, let’s take a look at where we started.

Pretty rough, right?

We began with the absolute blankest of canvases and it’s been SO fun to watch the entire room come together.

Wanna see where we’re at today?

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

Before we dive into the details, do you need to catch up? 


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The Plant Shelf

The plant shelf was one of the projects that I was most looking forward to. Shocking since I have a black thumb and am still new to this whole ‘plant’ thing.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

I picked up the brackets at Home Depot and we decided to go with a ten inch wide shelf. Since our room is a little over 12 feet wide, Brett had to use the Kreg Jig and screw together two pieces of wood. He made sure the pieces lined up on one of the brackets to add extra support.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

For the stain color, we mixed to gether Driftwood with a splash of Special Walnut. We didn’t want it to be as dark as the floor but using only Driftwood was too light.

Once we had it up, it was time to add the plants!

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

Since the plants were so cheap, I could have easily filled up the entire backseat of my SUV. Thankfully, I was able to practice some self control and stopped at six. Since the only window in the room faces north, we don’t get much for direct sunlight; I went with types that can live in darker areas with the hopes they’ll survive for longer than a few weeks 😉

DIY guest bedroom shelving

To add some more green (especially in a month or two when I most likely will have killed off the live ones) I picked up a few faux succulents on Amazon.

The Floating Shelves

We had originally planned on making a bookshelf to go next to the corner chair. We had the list and were standing in the aisle at Menards, ready to load the cart with all the wood.

And then we realized this was going to cost quite a bit more than what we had anticipated and wanted to spend.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelves

We had a temporary ‘oh shit’ moment and then I whipped out my handy dandy mobile phone, quickly pulled up Pinterest and started looking for something else to make instead.

Hello floating shelves.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

All that we needed was two 2×4’s (8′ long), one 1×4 (12′ long) and two 1×10’s (12′ long). Perfect!

Brett was able to whip these babies up in an evening and since we already had the stain on hand, it only cost us about $30.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

For the stain, we followed the same pattern as the plant shelf but mixed together Weathered Oak with a splash of Special Walnut.

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

The Lighting

Not surprisingly, we had a hiccup with the plans for the bedside lighting.

After putting up the plant shelf, we thought it would look a little odd having a shelf bracket right over the light bracket. Especially since the plant brackets are a dark bronze/black and the light brackets I got were a shiny black.

Thankfully, in walks Option B and the wedding registry strikes again!

These lamps were in our master bedroom and were the perfect fit for this room. The finish is a black/brown which ties the bed frame and the plant shelf brackets together just perfectly.

Last but not least was the overhead lighting. I found this fan at Home Depot for only $74! I wasn’t a huge fan of the light bulb covers so we switched them out for these ones that match the glass on the bedside lamps. A brand new fan for under $100? Yes, please!

DIY Guest Bedroom Shelving

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So what’s left on the list?

  • Install plywood flooring
  • Paint the walls
  • Put together the bed
  • Make/find nigtstands
  • Make a bookshelf
  • Install closet shelving and storage
  • Make the picture ledge
  • Find/make light fixtures
  • Find/make wall decor
  • Put together the seating corner
  • Make over the wood bench
  • Install closet doors
  • Install room door

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