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Remember back in February when we first shared our guest bathroom renovation plans?

I remember the excitement that Brett and I felt about this renovation and our plans to start and finish it all within the month.

And then… life happened.

Brett headed south to Uruguay and the one week work trip quickly turned into three and a half. He was back for three days before having to leave again; thankfully this time staying in the country.

And then… he surprised me this weekend and we FINALLY got to a point that warrants an update.

This bathroom is even more perfect than I thought and our first attempt at a concrete countertop turned out better than expected. We’ll be sharing an in depth tutorial on the countertop once it’s completely finished.

Since our first post, we’ve been busy. Are you surprised?? 🙂


Shiplap Wall

We added shiplap to the wall behind the toilet. Like any true Fixer Upper fan, we just can’t get enough of the planked wall look and I am sure we’ll be adding more throughout the rest of the house.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Update


The Paint

My most favorite part of this renovation?

Paint, of course.

Thank you to our friends at Sherwin-Williams for providing the paint at a discount.

On the walls we went with Useful Gray. I wanted a lighter color to brighten the space against the dark tile.

For the amazing vanity Brett built from scratch, we went with Acacia Haze. It’s a beautiful green/gray color that I can’t wait to use on more furniture. Or maybe the walls in one of the guest bedrooms? 🙂

Guest Bathroom Renovation Update


The Concrete Countertop

Can you see this counter? Isn’t it beautiful?!?

We want to concrete in our kitchen [someday] and this bathroom was our test run. There are a few things we’d definitely do differently, but overall this turned out perfect. We stained it by combining two Behr concrete stains to create the color Desert Oasis.

Guest Bathroom Renovation Update


What’s Left?

Yes, we’ve made leaps and bounds of progress, but that laundry list of todos still doesn’t seem to be shrinking…

– Install hardware to the vanity
– Install the sink
– Install the toilet
– Install tub faucet
– Tile the tub
– Clean the floor tile
– Find and install a door
– Decorate (!)

Guest Bathroom Renovation Update

Our goal is to get this baby done by the end of May… Here’s to positive thinking and a little good luck!


All our best,


  1. Sabrina

    Wow you guys made such incredible process, I can’t believe how far you have come. How awesome that Brett surprised you with a visit, that is so wonderful. I hope you guys had a great time together!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Sabrina! We did have a wonderful time and as you can see, got a lot done!

  2. Debra Kellerman

    Is Brett still looking for Tony’s help, he is open, I think, until the wedding.. Have Brett call

    • Kelly

      Hi Deb!
      Brett is going to be out of town until Cole’s big day, so I don’t think he’ll have time to get anything done. We both can’t wait to see and celebrate with everyone!

  3. Peggy

    where did you buy your vanity?
    did you do concrete work yourself?

    • North Country Nest

      Hi Peggy! Yes, we did the concrete counter ourself! 🙂 We’re hoping to do the same in our kitchen and will provide a tutorial then!


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