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Happy Friday, friends!

spring entryway home tour

It’s about that time I start craving bright colors and while I was reminiscing on last year’s spring entryway, I stumbled on this picture that’s perfect for this week’s update…

You see that sweet boy soaking up the sun? Well, he gave us quite a scare this week.

Side note: it always seems to happen when Brett’s on the road, who wastes no time pointing this fact out to me. I think Gunner just misses his dad so getting into some mischief is his way of acting out 😉 

Anyways, I came home from work/grocery shopping around 5:15 on Wednesday evening and brought the pups out front with me while I got the mail. After coming back in the house and unpacking the groceries, I went to sit on the couch and saw a pretty large spot of blood.

I walked over to the chair and saw a few more areas with blood on the floor. They were in Gunner’s favorite spots so I began checking his teeth, thinking he irritated his gums while chewing on a bone or toy. All looked good.

I then moved on to his body and legs and just when I was about to give the all-clear and move onto Moxie, I saw a GIANT gash on the back of his back left leg. I saw insides that should never see the light of day. I called around to a few vets before finding one that had an availability for us to come in that evening.

Two hours, seven stitches and a small tear in his leg tendon later, I was able to bring him home. The vet wasn’t able to re-attach the torn tendon because he couldn’t find it. He assured me that Gunner should be fine since he was walking on it when he came in. We’re praying that he’ll still be able to hunt and swim – his favorite activities.

I did two laps around the property to try and find the thing that sliced his leg wide open but haven’t had any luck. Since we do live in a renovation zone, he may have cut it inside, too but I haven’t noticed anything. Thankfully, he’s starting to move around a little easier and get some spunk back in him! What we know for sure – it’s always an adventure with our two fur babies 🙂

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Enjoy the weekend!

All our best,



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