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First and foremost, an update from last week on Gunner: He had his annual vet appointment on Tuesday and he is healing fantastically. Next Wednesday the stitches will be removed and he’ll be back to his normal!

I think I mentioned this last week but I wasn’t able to find anything in the yard as to what he cut it on. While talking with the vet (the same guy who did the surgery) I threw out the idea that maybe he landed on a stick and the vet said that would make sense with how the wound was. Gunner is a jumper – he can easily clear a boat on a trailer from the ground. So, it makes sense that while he was jumping up a tree, he probably landed on a stick. This is good news, but also bad news. We live in the woods with lots and lots and lots of sticks. Thankfully he usually has a few go-to spots that we can keep clear and pray that something like this doesn’t happen again!

I think black is having a moment right now and I am totally on board. I painted our chairs black in December and LOVE the high contract they bring to the kitchen. If you’re wanting to jump on board, check out these paint colors that are perfect for furniture.

If you’re a podcast listener, this episode from The Good Life Project is all about the power of walking in the rain and why solitude and nature are needed if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. Definitely a nice reminder 🙂

Are you a standing desk or sitting desk type of person? Chris Loves Julia shares why they regretted their standing desk and how they made the (relatively easy) switch to a sitting one.

I’ve been on an office kick, researching and pinning all of the inspiration I can find to be ready when the day (finally) comes and we can start on our own home office. This $100 challenge makeover is absolutely wonderful – especially that rusted green desk!

Finding affordable rugs that are also fun and stylish is a no easy task. We experienced it first hand for last fall’s one room challenge. If you’re looking for some vintage and affordable rugs, this post is for you.

This bathroom is seriously alllllllll the heart eyes.

Have an inspiring weekend, friends!

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