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Friday story time.

Over the past two weekends, the Isanti County area has had a vintage shop tour. What is that? Well, people sell vintage goodies at their house. It’s like a garage sale, but classier because people set up different areas (barns, tents, basements) with actual home décor staging. It is fantastic.

Two weekends ago, I found this huge, galvanized tub that I thought we wanted to use for part of the laundry sink. It was only $20 and in great condition. I proudly hauled it home, so excited to show Brett. When I brought it inside, quickly explaining my plan for the tub, he says, ‘Well that’s cool, but that’s not what we had talked about. And there’s no hookups on this…”

He then shows me a picture of what he was thinking and I remember that we passed something like that at one of the shops. We agree that we should go with the ones he’s thinking, as long as they have a drain hookup already in place.

Then last weekend, my mom and I went back to the shop with the tubs and thank goodness they were still there and even more exciting was the fact that they had drains. Of course they still need to be tested and my dad says pipes are not the right size so we’ll have to come up with some way to make them fit, but who cares? We got them, we’re both happy and excited to have laundry tubs!



Friday laughs.

On Wednesday I came home and Moxie greeted me at the door and immediately ran outside; the tell-tale sign that she did something bad. If she greets me at the door and goes to the back door, I know she’s been good. Well, about two seconds after walking in the door, I see little black pieces all over the carpet. That’s not good. I walk a little closer and see the keyboard to the back of our remote lying on the floor and pieces littered all around it. I then turn around and see Brett’s Go Pro laying between the couch and coffee table, with huge teeth marks in it and the case on the other side of the table. “Well this isn’t good.” So what do you do when you have several hundred dollars in electronics laying on your floor in pieces? You laugh of course and feel thankful that it wasn’t as bad as this.


Friday inspiration.

To continue the fall trend of home tours, check out this great one by the Newly Woodwards – she has a fantastic pumpkin collection 🙂


Friday finds.

Finding the perfect fall blanket can be a challenge. I know this because I stopped by a few different stores over the past week and ended up just making my own from fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. Don’t feel like sewing? Check out these great ones I stumbled upon this week.



Friday cuteness.

Nothing like two 80+ pound dogs perched on the chairs like cats.


All our best,



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  1. Sabrina

    Oh my gosh Kelly, you had me laughing hard again today. For one Brett’s reaction is exactly what the hubby would do! So hilarious and two my puppy is the same way. I came home this week to an unmade bed (she ripped all the sheets off), to chewed on baseboards in the bedroom and the living room and to top it off she decided to help me with the chair reupholstering. What would we do without our doggies?! Have a great weekend!

    • Kelly

      Oh no!! Aren’t pups the best? Every time I come home I do a silent prayer before opening the door that I won’t find anything too crazy. At least they keep life exciting, right?!



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