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Friday story time.

So this week, we had the tree trimmers come out and cut back some trees that were touching the power lines. They said they were just trimming back a few branches, nothing major. So, imagine our surprise when we got home from a Menards trip Tuesday evening to see that “there’s a highway lane running through our backyard” (Brett’s words to the tree trimming service).




Thankfully, the main contact was very empathetic and got us two blossoming crab apple trees. No, it is not the same as the mature ones they had to cut down, but it’s better than nothing.


So last night, we finally agreed on a place to put them (behind the shed) and as we were digging the hole for the first one, we ran across an underground hornet nest. We quickly grabbed the dogs and got the hell outta dodge. Brett went back down with reinforcements in the form of super-strength hornet spray. I’m happy to report that we won the battle and now have two beautiful crab apple trees.


Friday laughs.

Like I mentioned above, we had our usual weekly (more often than not, three-times weekly) trip to Menards on Tuesday. So we’re in the sheet rock aisle getting yet another container of mud when Brett starts busting out some robot dance moves. Not one to be outdone in a dance-off, I start doing some robot moves myself and there we were, having a mini dance party in the Menards sheet rock aisle. Then I stumbled upon this video of people randomly dancing in stores and now having aspirations to be featured on Ellen.

Friday inspiration.

We’re full-on fall here at The Nest and are loving this fall house tour by KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms. Besides the fact that her photos are absolutely swoonworthy, her farmhouse is so charming and her decorating style is on point.

Friday finds.

Since moving to Isanti, I don’t really visit the mall. I do work next to one, but the ‘let’s go to the mall and spend money on clothes’ mood hasn’t really struck me lately. So imagine my surprise when I was browsing through H&M’s website and saw that they sell home stuff! Check out the great finds below. I am sure one or two of them will wind up in my home in the near future.

Friday cuteness.

So at my office, my three coworkers and I frequently share dog pictures. Because dogs always make us smile and they’re so cute to look at. You’re welcome.



All our best,


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  1. Sabrina

    Omg this post made me laugh so much. I would love to see a video of you guys dancing at the hardware store. Can you check for the surveillance videos? I am glad you had a good week, sorry to hear about the trees but I am glad they replaced them!


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