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Did you know dogs are fantastic gardeners?

You see, the greenhouse in town is having their clearance sale and I picked up a few plants for our backyard. We have this cluster of trees in the middle of the yard with an exceptional amount of weeds. I bought plants for the tree cluster and had plans to de-weed.

I brought the pups outside with me and as any vigilant, non-snake lover knows, whenever there is tall grass you always proceed with caution. So of course, I yelled “what’s that?” and the pups dove into the mix in a flurry, with tails wagging and butts in the air.

Ha, no snake is going to survive our two killers.

Once the coast was clear, I began the process of ripping out all the weeds and mini trees and overgrown greenery. In the mix was a little-big tree. Little compared to its surroundings, but too big for me to pull out.

Of course, once Mox saw that I had a stick [rather…small tree], she immediately jumped in and tried to relieve me of said nusance.

I left her to it and began pulling up more weeds.

Of course she saw this and wanted to help with that as well. Because even though we always say no digging, it must be okay since I’m doing it… right?

And Gunner? Well, every project needs a manager and nothing gets by his watchful eye.

See, I told you dogs were the best gardeners 🙂

Friday inspiration.

This quote about simple living is just awesome.

So are the rest of the tips The Stylish Nest provides on simple living.

This color green is quickly becoming my favorite.

I’m thinking about making this the main color in one of our guest beds and I may have to steal this ladder idea to add some extra charm.

We’re all about lemonade during those hot summer days.

This recipe is definitely something I am going to try.

Looking for a quick bathroom update?

Try this faux marble countertop that completed transformed her bathroom.

Friday finds.


[wc_column size=”one-third” position=”first”]

These chairs were the highlight of our summer tablescape… they’re industrial goodness and pretty damn reasonable.


[wc_column size=”one-third”]

This wire basket with chalkboard? Yes please!


[wc_column size=”one-third” position=”last”]

Wouldn’t this beauty look great in your kitchen??




Friday pups.

Have an inspiring weekend!


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