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 Friday decor.

Gardening has never really been my ‘thing.’

So, imagine my surprise when these beautiful perennials actually came back for another year of being slightly neglected and more often than not, thirsty.

The best part? They look beautiful in a white vase and last longer than lilacs. Maybe these babies are my favorite season.

Friday inspiration.

I’ve been thinking ahead to the guest bedrooms and decor.

These DIY pulley lights might have to make an appearance in one of them.

Open shelving is one of my favorite things.

But decorating it can be a challenge.

Check out these great tips and tricks for adding some charm to your shelving.

This bedroom makeover for this spring’s One Room Challenge is amazing.

From the mismatched side tables to the barn door to the new closets, I am loving all of the things in this space.

Friday finds.

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As I mentioned, we am starting to think about our guest bedrooms and how to decorate. I want full-on farmhouse charm and am loving all of these goodies. I couldn’t NOT share these great finds because not only are they absolutely lovely, but budget friendly too 🙂


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Friday pups.

Enjoy the long weekend, friends!

All our best,


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