Friday Nesting 5/19

Friday decor.

Today calls for a declaration: Lilac is my favorite season.

With all the tree cutting and yard rehabbing, I thought we lost all our lilac trees. Much to my surprise, I found one hiding behind our shed with a few blooms on it.

Immediately I cut off a few stems, found a white vase and smelled. Because really, nothing says spring like fresh cut lilacs.

Friday inspiration.

I am on the hunt for a new DIY bar cart.

While scrolling through Pinterest, I stumbled on this industrial coffee cart.

“Shopping” our house for decor items is one of my favorite activities.

It’s such a great way to bring new life to those items you may have forgotten about.

This post by At The Picket Fence explains it perfectly.

I am not much of a ‘printable’ person.

But these FREE ones are too good to pass up.

This quote.

Friday pups.

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If there was ONE thing I really enjoy about winter, it’s the fact that the lake is frozen and the dogs usually aren’t too messy when they come in.

With spring here and endless summer nights right around the corner, the dogs are either rolling in mud or jumping in the lake. Both of which result in a mess and more often than not, rather stinky.

I found this foaming, waterless shampoo towards the end of last year’s summer season after Moxie found something dead in the backyard and every. single. time. she went out, she came back smelling like a poo corpse.

It doesn’t take away the smell completely, but it works wonders when you’re going on five days in a row of hosing a dog down because they can’t seem to NOT roll in anything.

Good thing they’re so cute 🙂

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

All our best,



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2 thoughts on “Friday Nesting 5/19

  1. The Country Living Fair has tons of those industrial carts every year and I’m sooooo tempted. I love those printables from the Painted Hive, too.

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