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Friday story time.

Since Brett is back on the road, the dogs and I decided to spend the week at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. With three dogs and three children [her husband is working 12-hour days] she was bound to have some eventful experiences to share and when it comes to stories. My ever-so-talented sister has quite the gift so I’m going to let her tell this one.

Once upon a time there was a mommy of three Mostly Wonderful children, and one big (sometimes useless as far as home protection goes) Dog. The Mommy was super excited to have her sister come stay for the week, along with her two dogs. This meant that Mommy was to be watching three kids and three dogs all week. Piece of cake, right?

The morning passed pretty uneventful. The Mommy has been told Tales of Woe regarding the Two Dogs and their desire to eat household objects, so she thought ahead and put them out before she left. She came home from collecting Child #2 from preschool and all was well.

The children requested corn dogs for lunch, and so they had them. Unbeknownst to Mommy, one of the children dropped their corn dog stick beneath the chair (we are eating way up high this week to avoid Dogs stealing our food, so we were all at the counter seats). All of a sudden, chaos erupted (this is a play on words… remember this for the following segment in which eruption actually happens). Dog #1, aka Lazy Dog, who was used to grazing to his heart’s content with no interception, had a road block in the form of a super quick and moody She Dog. She Dog went CRAZY and began wrestling Lazy Dog with her teeth for the measly scrap of remaining hot dog. Children #2 and #3 are way up high (thank goodness) but begin screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, in chorus with the two dogs growling and snapping. Mommy, always in Cool Mode (haha), begins shrieking along with the children, in futile attempts to stop the dog fight. As a last ditch effort, Mommy thinks on her toes and launches the first thing that she can grab (no, it was not one of the children, shame on you!) her slipper. The dogs eventually stopped, but not before decorating the kitchen area with blood spatters rivaling that of CSI crime scene. After further inspection and another $20 into the Family Therapy Jar, the children are calm, the dogs are calm and the kitchen is cleaned so no remaining traces of blood can be found.

The next event can only be blamed on Pure Mommy Stupidity. Feeling crafty, Mommy thinks it will be a good idea to bust out the Volcano and erupt things. You know, enrich the children’s minds with science and all of that. The box is only 4 inches by 4 inches, so what harm can it do? While Mommy dumps the contents out onto the table, Child #3 begins observing the various bags and things that were included in the box. Mommy is so engrossed in the directions that she doesn’t notice that Child #3 has the largest bag, that contained the eruption matter for the volcano, in a death grip. You know that kid that scared the crap out of the entire lunch room by squeezing the bag of chips until it popped? Oh yes, that happened in our home, but instead of delicious treats raining down, it was white powder and sand.


After the dust (literally) has settled, Mommy attempts to look up through the bits of sand and gritty things lodged in her eye balls to see her youngest child covered from head to toe in a white powdery substance (baking soda?? Hopefully??).

The good news is, the kitchen floor which is rarely ever scrubbed has now been scrubbed twice today.


Friday inspiration.

I can’t get enough of this tablescape by Sawdust 2 Stitches.

And even more spring inspiration with this fireplace and mantel decor.

On my to-do list this month is make this potting bench… it’s sure to add more points to my garden game, right?


Friday finds.

[this contains affiliate links, which means we may make a small commission if a purchase is made, at no additional cost to you. see the full disclosure here.]

Looking for furniture? Target is offering $40 off when you spend $150 on furniture with the code FURNITURE.

These quirky antique scissors used as a wall hook.

This clock cabinet.

We’ve been working on our wedding registry for the past few weeks and these kitchen canisters from Target were too cute to pass up.


Friday pups.


Have a fantastic weekend!

All our best,

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