Friday Nesting 3/10

Friday laughs.

Two weekends ago I created a DIY spring wreath that I shared this past Tuesday. After I was done making it, the lighting wasn’t that great in the house and I didn’t quite know how I wanted to stage the photo, so I put it on pause with the intention of finishing everything that next week. Well, one thing lead to another and I didn’t get the photos done and went out of town over the weekend. It was dark by the time I got home on Sunday, so the pictures had to be pushed back yet another day.

Monday after work, I quickly rushed in the door and set all of the things up in a spot that had decent lighting. I took a few photos but wanted to add a blanket to the ladder the wreath was sitting on. I dashed away to grab a blanket, got the pups all riled up and quickly got back to the wreath. Naturally, in response to my sudden movements, Moxie started getting rambunctious and began wrestling with Gunner. I’m taking up a tiny spot in the living room but of course they have to be right on top of where I’m attempting to work.

So, in between maneuvering the blanket in the ladder and trying to avoid getting another knee blown out by the dogs, I accidentally shifted the ladder too much and all of a sudden (but in what seems like slow motion) the wreath comes tumbling to the floor. And breaks into three pieces. Oh shit. The dogs immediately stop and look up at me with wide eyes as if to say it wasn’t their fault. Nope, not today pups. This one’s on me and hopefully learning that holding out until the last possible minute never ends well.


Friday inspiration.

I have been eyeing up some DIY projects using book pages and this one has totally caught my eye.

A mason jar lamp?!? Yes, please!

Easter printables? Here’s 25 free ones.

Need some help getting your yard ready for spring? Here’s some great tips.

This DIY planter.


Friday finds.

When we say hello to spring, we also welcome color back into our lives, especially when decorating your home. And to make those fresh flowers and pops of color stand out even more, why not bring in some neutral decor? I’ve rounded up some great natural products that are sure to make spring stand out in your home.

neutral home decor must-haves1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7


The pups.

These two guard dogs keeping an eye out for squirrels and other threatening passerbys… I swear they could be here for hours just watching the world go by.


Have a great weekend!

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