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Friday story time.

Our heat went out on Monday, just when we entered the cusp of frigid cold here in Minnesota. I wake up earlier then Brett and I usually throw on a sweatshirt as soon as I get up. This served as a barrier to the frozen tundra that was our house. And by frozen tundra, I mean it was 54 degrees in our house. So, a little chilly. Naturally I yelled at Brett to get up and fix this. Unfortunately, when you’re a first-time homeowner, you know literally nothing about fixing things like appliances. I called my dad and it turns out ice can form on the pipe coming out of the house from the furnace and it needs to be cleaned off. If it’s not cleaned, the heat doesn’t work. Thankfully once all cleaned, the furnace kicked back on and we’ve been going strong ever since!

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Friday inspiration.

It is full-on Christmas décor everywhere and I am getting so inspired by all the talented bloggers sharing their home tours.

Like this kitchen at Thistlewood Farms.

Or this dining room tour from Madison de Pax.

The hutch in this farmhouse tour by Craftivity Designs is amazing.

Friday finds.

I am obsessed with Target’s candles, especially this one.

I have been debating getting one of these coffee mug racks for our kitchen.

For our entryway, I’ve been looking for a long runner to go along the front of the built-ins and am leaning towards something a little more natural, like this one from Overstock.

Friday cuteness.

Sharing the couch peacefully doesn’t happen too often. Usually Moxie is biting Gunner’s face or paws, trying to get him to play 🙂

May your weekend be filled with creativity and relaxation!

All our best,

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