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Friday Story Time.

Our heat went out again. The positive, our ‘heat is out’ routine is down pat. The morning went something like this…I woke up early for work, threw on a sweatshirt and went about my morning routine. About twenty minutes in, I realized it was colder than usual and walked over to the thermostat, which read 55 degrees. I then put on the puffy jacket, scarf and gloves and made the trek outside around the house to see if the vents were clear. The were, so I went back inside and walked downstairs to make sure the furnace was dripping properly. It was, so I ran back upstairs and woke up Brett. He groggily dragged himself out of bed, changed the air filter and went back to bed. Still nothing. When it’s time for him to get up, our house is actually two degrees colder than it was when I got up. So he runs outside to the other side of the house and realized our tank was empty.”I guess we probably should check that a little more often, huh?” “Oh, I guess so,” I reply. Moral of the story: when you get a propane tank, make sure you check the tank level on a regular basis. We learned from the furnace guy that 20 percent is the sweet spot and when he should be called.

Friday Inspiration.

Our office is literally YEARS away from even being started, but I am already gathering some inspiration, like this grid board and batten from The Wood Grain Cottage.

And this office inspiration board from Lark and Linen is so. freaking. cute.

This winter home decor living room tour from Love Grows Wild is stunning and inspiring.

This road less traveled post is a must read.

Friday Finds. 

Distressed, rustic and industrial candle holders. Need we say more?

Wooden Farmhouse Candle HoldersSources

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //7 // 8


Friday Cuteness.

Once again, Moxie stares longingly at a bone that Gunner won’t let her have. Aren’t big brothers just the best??


We hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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