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Friday story time.

Gunner has had a rough one this week.

Last Saturday when we got home from tearing down the barn we found a plastic bag laying on the floor, filled with an empty box of mice poison, some copper wool and spray foam. Turns out, one of the dogs got into the poison.

Naturally, we both started panicking, because we didn’t know who it was and because we didn’t know how toxic it was.

I called the emergency vet line and after they calculated it up, they said it was a low level of toxicity and if we feel comfortable, we could induce vomiting to help them get it out of their system.

I ran to the store to pick up hydrogen peroxide while Brett stayed home to monitor the pups.

We brought them both out back and measured out the correct amount of the peroxide and started with Moxie. I had to pry her mouth open while Brett squirted it down her throat.

Not a fun experience at all.

Gunner was next.

Equally not as fun.

And we waited.

Moxie started heaving first and only foam came out. Then Gunner started to get sick. It was bright green and confirmed to us that he was our poison eater.

Brett started following him around the yard with a shovel, trying to pick up the piles of poison remnants so the dogs wouldn’t get into it again.

Unfortunately, Brett’s stomach wasn’t feelin’ this and all of sudden he quickly dropped the shovel and ran off, covering his mouth.


I’ve got two dogs and my fiancé scattered around the yard, all throwing up.

Soon enough, everyone calms down and resumes to normal life.

Sunday rolls around and throughout the day, we find piles of vomit around the house and it becomes clear Gunner isn’t feeling better.

Sunday night, he’s up almost every hour, dry heaving.

We start feeding him the bland diet (white rice and beef) and he keeps his food down all day, but is still heaving/coughing.

Monday night, he’s up several times again.

Brett sleeps on the couch with him and takes him into the vet first things Tuesday morning.

They think he had a bad reaction to the peroxide and poison (shocking, we know), give him a shot to help calm the stomach and load us up with medications for him to take morning and night.

He’s starting to get better, which is great because Moxie is definitely missing her playmate.

Having dogs in a home renovation is hard and we know we need to do a better job of picking things up. This was a HUGE lesson for us and I sincerely hope you learn from this mistake!


Friday inspiration.

In case you didn’t know, we’ve just completed week two of the One Room Challenge (ORC). What is so great about this event is all the other amazingly talented bloggers who join in on the fun.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough room renovations, check out:

Cristy at W Collective Interiors

Sarah at Making Joy and Pretty Things

Colette at Restyle it Wright


Friday cuteness.

These two, anxiously awaiting Dad’s arrival home from work.



Have a wonderful weekend!

All our best,



  1. Sabrina

    Aw, I am so glad to hear that Gunner is finally doing better. Dogs and renovations really don’t go great together but it’s all a learning process. Love the new font btw!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! Yes, those darn pups get into everything. They are lucky they’re so cute 😉

  2. Cristy @ W. Collective

    Poor pup! My chocolate lab got into ant poison last year and I panicked too!! Luckily the vet said it was not strong enough to hurt him…. I did have to do the peroxide thing with my previous lab though after she ate a bunch of grapes (who knew grapes were toxic for dogs)!? It’s definitely not fun. Hope Gunner gets back on track soon! And thanks for the One Room Challenge shout out as well!

    • Kelly

      Oh no! I feel for you having to do the peroxide thing; it sucks big time! And yes, who can keep track of all the things they can’t eat?


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