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You know that feeling you get the day after a REALLY amazing day? It’s like you’re still kind of riding the high of the day before, but you’re a little sad and everything isn’t as great.

Well, that’s kind of how our house has been since taking down all the Christmas decorations.

After the Christmas tree came down and we said goodbye to all the red and green and all most of the ornaments (silver and gold is not exclusive to Christmas) were put away, the house looked a little ‘blah.’

It was in this awkward in-between stage of not yet spring, but so over the festivities of the holidays.

So what’s a home owner to do when they’re frantically trying to save for a garage that’s coming in the spring?

You shop the house and raid the clearance aisles, of course! 🙂

Today we want to share some winter décor inspiration and two quick and easy rustic farmhouse winter home decor crafts that are sure to kick your house out of the post-holiday blues.

winter snowflake block and banner

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Wooden Snowflake Sign

[winter snowflake block

I found wooden snowflakes at Hobby Lobby for 80 percent off and knew I could come up with SOMETHING useful.

For similar ones, click here.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

I found some scrap wood we had laying around, cut it into three pieces, just large enough to fit the snowflake decal and stained it dark walnut. I also stained the snowflakes, then painted them white and distressed them a bit.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

After letting them dry, I grabbed some krazy glue and glued them onto the piece of wood.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

Burlap Snowflake Banner

snowflake winter burlap banner

For a quick DIY banner, I used three leftover snowflakes from the wooden signs and also three large ones (also 80 percent off at Hobby Lobby).

I stained, painted and distressed the snowflakes.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

Using a roll of burlap, I cut three pieces, folded them in half and cut off a corner to make a flag.

Then I used mini clothes pins to clip the large snowflakes to a piece of twine and clipped the small snowflakes to the burlap flags and then to the twine.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor CraftsSince we don’t have a mantel (yet!) I hung it up on our hutch.

And I decided I really want to start making more banners – they’re so simple and fun!

A Few More Winter Décor Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Decor

white winter wreath // cotton stem // white pitcher

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

cotton stem wreath // wooden frame

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Home Decor Crafts

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